Update on current board issues: December 2012

Resources, webcasts, and events

Directors and IT -- What Works Best™: This comprehensive guide was developed to help directors bridge the "IT confidence gap." Part 1 of the guide outlines a structured and efficient six-step oversight process that should help directors decide on and execute their approach to IT oversight. Part 2 provides background information, potential rewards and risks, and board considerations about various IT subjects that may be relevant to a company. To learn more about the Directors and IT -- What Works Best™ guide, click here.

Insights from the Boardroom 2012 (PwC's Annual Corporate Directors Survey): Our latest corporate directors survey found that corporate governance is undergoing significant change, which means directors across the country are spending more time on board work and reconsidering their oversight approach. Directors want to devote more time to risk management, strategy, and IT oversight. Explore our 2012 Annual Corporate Directors Survey for a deeper look into directors' views on these and other topics. To learn more, click here.

Center for Board Governance Webcast: The January 16 quarterly webcast will focus on PwC’s Year-end questions for audit committees. It will be moderated by Mary Ann Cloyd, PwC Center for Board Governance Leader. For more information and to view, click here.

NACD BoardVision (Key Takeaways from Diversity Blue Ribbon Commission panel at Board Leadership Conference): NACD Managing Director and CFO Peter Gleason interviews PwC’s Mary Ann Cloyd following the diversity panel at NACD’s Annual Board Leadership Conference in October. To watch, click here.

Board Governance Series, Vol. 22 2012: This issue of the Corporate Board Member magazine series includes an interview with Mary Ann Cloyd, PwC Center for Board Governance Leader, on what directors need to know about conflict minerals. Other articles in this volume include interviews with other corporate governance leaders on such topics as compensation committee basics and dealing with cyber risk. To watch the video, click here.

PwC's Board Center App: PwC's Board Center App provides timely insights on corporate governance issues and trends to enable board members to more effectively meet the challenges of their critical role. Available for the iPad, the app provides access to our full library of publications and on-demand videos. Download the Board Center App.