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Update on the current board issues: October 2015

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2015 Annual Corporate Directors Survey

Governing for the long term: Looking down the road with an eye on the rear-view mirror

The dichotomy between long-term and short-term thinking has had a polarizing effect on corporate boardrooms and investors in recent years. Most companies are looking down the road, focused on “enhancing long-term shareholder value.” Yet they are simultaneously preoccupied with a need to look in the rear-view mirror and meet the short-term expectations of investors in the form of quarterly earnings. This pressure can result in business decisions that may satisfy expectations for the company’s next quarter, but not necessarily the next decade.

This is just one of the many observations in PwC’s 2015 Annual Corporate Directors Survey. Based on the responses of nearly 800 public company directors, the report addresses such issues as changes in the boardroom, and how new technologies, activist investors, and investor calls for dialogue with directors are affecting company strategy.

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