IT governance and cybersecurity

PwC thought leadership:

BoardroomDirect October 2015 (Issues in brief)
This edition includes news about a federal court ruling in the FTC’s favor that affirmed the need for reasonable cybersecurity protection.

Governing for the long-term: Board Composition and Diversity (2015 Annual Corporate Directors Survey)
Fifty-three percent of directors say their company currently splits the roles of Chair and CEO – up by two percentage points from last year. And about one-quarter of those who currently have a combined role say they are considering splitting it going forward.

Audit Committee Excellence Series: Cybermetrics – What directors need to know
This edition addresses key considerations related to assessing what cybermetric information directors should be receiving. Cybermetrics are the information and statistics about digital data and IT systems that are used to provide effective oversight of IT risks and strategy.

BoardroomDirect December 2014 (Issue in focus: Management and board oversight of social media)
As companies continue to measure the risks and rewards of social media, boards are looking to management to bring some order to the chaos in the form of policies. Whether or not they participate in the myriad of social media channels, directors are becoming more aware of the potential risks.

BoardroomDirect August 2014 (Issue in focus: Changing message and messenger can be key to improving cybersecurity dialogue)
As cybersecurity has risen to the top of many boards’ risk management agendas, there is a more compelling need for clear dialogue between the C-suite and the board.

BoardroomDirect February 2014 (Issue in focus: The latest on cybersecurity)
President Obama’s new cybersecurity framework is the latest tool boards and management can use to address the myriad problems and IT risks associated with data breaches. It has become clear that security of intellectual property and customer data are not just IT problems anymore.

Directors & IT: What Works Best -- Abridged version
A user-friendly board guide for effective information technology oversight. This publication offers a summary of the complete version of the board guide for effective IT oversight. It highlights our suggested approach for how directors can fulfill their IT oversight responsibility effectively.

Directors & IT: What Works Best
This two-part comprehensive guide was developed to help directors bridge the "IT confidence gap." Part 1 outlines a structured and efficient six-step oversight process to help directors determine and execute their approach to IT oversight. Part 2 provides background information, potential rewards and risks, and board considerations for selected IT topics.

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