Key issues: Investigations

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ACES: Dealing with investigations 
This edition addresses key considerations related to the committee’s role in investigations. It addresses how adequate preparation can make a big difference, including capturing allegations; lining-up the right external advisors; and potentially developing relationships with certain regulators.


BoardroomDirect May 2013 (Issue in focus: Putting the spotlight on illegal insider trading)
This issue covers how the most high-profile insider trading allegations have historically been made against individuals, but more recently, the focus has shifted.


BoardroomDirect July 2014 (Audit committee issues: Some tips for maintaining an effective whistleblower program)
The Anti-Fraud Collaboration organization had some advice for audit committees when it comes to maintaining and overseeing an effective whistleblower program.


10 Minutes on whistleblower reform
This 10Minutes highlights the importance of having an ethical culture at the workplace when it comes to maintaining an effective whistleblower program.


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