PwC's Annual Corporate Directors Survey

Download the full report or individual chapters of PwC's 2014 Annual Corporate Directors Survey that address your organization's corporate board priorities.

Full report

PwC 2014 Annual Corporate Directors Survey
In the summer of 2014, 863 public company directors responded to our survey. Of those directors, 70% serve on the boards of companies with more than $1 billion in annual revenue, and participants represented nearly two-dozen industries. In PwC's 2014 Annual Corporate Directors Survey, directors share their views on governance trends that we believe will impact the board of the future, including: board performance and diversity, board priorities and practices, IT and cybersecurity oversight, strategy and risk oversight, and executive compensation and director communications.

Individual chapters

Board performance and diversity:
Diversity in the boardroom is frequently a topic of discussion, as diversity of thought is critical to compete today. Pressure from stakeholders and quotas outside the US are making the call for gender diversity louder.
Board priorities and practices:
Directors are evaluating board priorities and practices. Strong leadership skills and self-evaluations are important for boards to be effective.
IT and cybersecurity oversight:
Corporate directors are aware of the implications of cybersecurity breaches and data loss on their company's revenue and reputation, yet many have not discussed the company's crisis response plan. Boards are also engaged more in cloud computing, social media, and mobile devices.
Strategy and risk oversight:
Boards continue to focus on oversight of the company’s strategic direction and the risks to achieving success. Effective oversight requires receiving the right information about strategy from management.
Executive compensation and director communications:
Shareholder proposals and executive compensation are two appropriate topics for discussion with shareholders, according to PwC's Annual Corporate Directors Survey.