Consumer finance

CFPB Consumer Complaints Narrative Policy

Understanding the potential impact on financial institutions and key considerations to enhance your complaints management program.

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If you think you are not a financial services company, you may want to think again

The CFPB focuses on mobile phone carrier payment processing

Is it time for consumer lending to go social?

How to strengthen your underwriting and grow your customer base with social media data

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Peer pressure: How peer-to-peer lending platforms are transforming the consumer lending industry

Is P2P consumer lending a threat or an opportunity? This paper discusses how peer-to-peer lending platforms are transforming the consumer lending industry and the key considerations that financial institutions should evaluate when deciding on their strategic response.

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Peter Pollini
Consumer Finance Group Practice Leader
Tel: +1 (617) 530 7408
Lauren Caplan
Marketing & Sales
Tel: +1 (646) 471 2564
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In the current environment, requesting assistance from industry experts allows for risks to be mitigated through the use of focused professionals who are adept at isolating issues, benchmarking practices, and developing innovative solutions to complex business problems.

The Consumer Finance Group is composed of over 170 professionals across the country focused on mortgage banking and other forms of consumer credit (including Auto, Credit Cards, and Student Lending), which means we are at the forefront of the industry working with our clients to anticipate, understand, and resolve emerging issues. Our group’s collective knowledge is invaluable at a time when profits are under pressure, monitoring of risks is more difficult, and gaining an edge over the competition is more challenging than ever. In response to these and other challenges, we can assist our clients in the following ways:

Our clients consistently turn to us for help resolving complex business issues in areas such as: Loan production, servicing, capital markets, risk management, regulatory change, finance and accounting. Our detailed subject matter knowledge and regular communication with industry leaders allow us to remain focused on enhancing the core competencies of our clients.