Consumer loans and credit cards

Various forces continue to change the landscape of the payments and the consumer lending industry and the servicing eco system. Consumer lenders are now faced with increased scrutiny from regulators in addition to finding new revenues streams for profitable portfolio growth and performance. With this new environment the primary forces that are creating these new challenges fall into four distinct categories:

New Technology advances and innovation in tools, analytics, and decision platforms. Mobile, connected devices, digital wallets, cloud are challenging traditional payments ecosystem. Issuers are also faced with the card networks EMV mandate?

New Regulations are impacting basic business models. Durbin Amendment and the 2009 CARD Act continues to adversely affect profitability. CFPB influence and actions have placed new emphasis on compliance models, servicing practices, and staff training.

Consumers and Merchants have become more knowledgeable and sophisticated. "Borrower needs" need to be well defined and tested in the market place for acceptance by the "disciplined consumer”.

Increased level of Competition from traditional lenders non-traditional lenders, i.e., e commerce, merchants, electronic wallets.

PwC can help credit card and consumer lenders drive profitability, growth, and efficiency across many areas with our services such as:

  • Development of growth strategy for cards and loan portfolios
  • Operational and regulatory risk assessments
  • Fraud risk management strategy and business rule development
  • EMV migration strategy and implementation
  • Underwriting policy development
  • Default management strategy and business model implementation
  • Technology platform assessments and rule development
  • Advanced decision analytical tools, models, and management
  • Compliance programs for FCRA, SCRA, FDCPA, and TIL
  • New product development
  • Credit risk strategies across each phase of the product lifecycle
  • Operational policy and procedure development an assessments
  • Back office operations and service delivery
  • Rewards program development


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