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    The Consumer Finance Group is composed of over 140 professionals across the country focused on consumer lending, which means we are at the forefront of the industry working with our clients to anticipate, understand, and resolve emerging issues. We regularly publish thought leadership, speak at industry conferences, and execute benchmarking studies to share our perspectives and help our clients think differently about the issues being faced in today's ever-changing lending environment.

    The near future for mortgage lending is both predictable and unpredictable.  Forecasts agree that volumes will remain flat as a result of the expected rise in rates, lack of refinance motivation, and strength of underwriting. Production and servicing margins are both being squeezed by the economics as well as the regulatory requirements. Companies are evaluating strategies to gain a competitive advantage in a highly commoditized market. How are you managing the sustainability of your profit margins? Where do you plan to grow/shrink your channels, technology investment, geographical footprint, and product set? Are you evaluating your 2- and 5-year strategic plans?

    Our home lending team is focused on helping our clients develop and execute strategic initiatives to compete in today's market. Our services span strategy, risk, compliance, finance, operations, and technology. Visit our home lending page to learn more about the services we provide to our clients.

    The pace of change continues to accelerate in the auto finance industry. Oversight from regulators, emerging risks, market share shifts, and advancements in technology all indicate a continuation of this trend for the foreseeable future.

    Our auto finance team routinely addresses client challenges with innovative solutions. Visit our Auto Finance page to learn more about the services we provide to our clients.

    Student lending in the United States has topped $1.2 trillion in outstanding debt. The cost of education continues to outpace inflation and federal default rates have reached double digits. These market dynamics, comprehensive education finance reform, and increased scrutiny from the CFPB have forced each member of the student loan value chain to rethink many aspects of their existing operating models. Are you and your company ahead of the curve?

    Our student lending and higher education team works with clients throughout the loan life cycle with solutions to their complex business challenges. Visit our student lending page to learn more about the services we provide to our clients.

    Growth continues to be explosive with borrower acquisition being the challenge to keep up with investor demand. The growing number of platforms across asset classes is leading to increased specialization and requires platforms to more clearly define their value proposition. Are you evaluating your platforms for scalability? Where are you expanding next? Who are you partnering with?

    As our clients grow, scale, and expand, our marketplace lending team has been working with clients on their next strategic next steps in products, operations, and technology. Visit our marketplace lending page to learn more about the services we provide to our clients.

    Credit cards, a key vehicle for consumer spending, have experienced steady growth in purchase volume and outstanding balances since 2010; however, now is not the time for the industry to rest on its laurels.  Credit card companies are facing some of their toughest challenges yet contending with increased regulation, growing competition, non-traditional players disrupting established order, and demanding and savvy customers.

    Our Credit Cards team is focused on helping companies drive long-term value amid this landscape in the areas of strategy, customer experience, operational processes, technology, risk management and regulatory compliance. Visit our credit cards page to learn more about the services we provide to our clients.

    With margins at risk across the lending spectrum, understanding your business at a more granular level through data and analytics is more important than ever. Better data inputs and better data access are the cornerstones of smarter analytics and decision making.  Our surveillance offerings include assisting our clients perform internal and external benchmarking, advance the maturity of data models, design and implement stronger analytical capabilities, and designing/hosting business intelligence dashboards for management use.

    Visit our surveillance page to learn more about how we serve our clients.


    PwC on marketplace lending: How the customer experience is evolving with FinTech

    PwC's Marketplace Lending Leader, Roberto Hernandez, tells the story of how marketplace lending is a lot like the film industry in the way customer experience is changing. FinTech is making the process faster and more affordable enabling third-parties to enter the marketplace.

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