What sets breakthrough innovators apart
PwC's Global Innovation Survey 2013: US Summary

October 2013
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What sets breakthrough innovators apart<br />PwC's Global Innovation Survey 2013: US Summary

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Aggressive revenue targets? You're not alone. Learn how breakthrough innovators are driving growth, why it's working, and how US companies compare with global leaders.

Not all US companies see what innovation can do for growth. The top global innovators we’ve studied plan to double the average expected growth rate over the next five years. What's their secret? They're innovating how they innovate. Beginning with a well-defined strategy, they formalize their approach, innovate more parts of their business, collaborate in new ways and measure efforts more aggressively than average companies do. The result: Breakthrough innovation and faster growth.

This report analyzes the findings of PwC's 2013 Global Innovation Survey from the perspective of US companies. We look at key differences between the top 20 percent of innovators and the US average. And we’ll focus on why these differences are important.