Vital statistics: Taking the pulse of an urban demographic megatrend

An important story lies in the demographic patterns, critical needs, and challenges of the people who live in and build large, sophisticated cities.

What do urban people care about most—especially those talented professionals in their most productive working years that cities need in order to continue building prosperity? And what about the increasing proportion of older citizens as we live longer or slow our rate of natural population growth? Does a rising percentage of people in their 70s, 80s, and 90s pose a threat to urban social and health services and city growth? Or does the very density of city life suggest a pathway into dealing with aging naturally and logically? And will longevity turn into value potential as elder citizens continue their vital engagement in city life?

To answer these questions, Cities of Opportunity 6: We the urban people looks through a number of lenses at the demographics of our 30 cities.

Demographic overview

PwC's urban anthropology

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Aging city populations

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