About the study

Cities of Opportunity is a continually evolving project created for cities, their leaders, businesses, and citizens seeking to improve their economies and quality of life.


This year, our foundational study includes 30 cities, which we select using three fundamental criteria: cities are capital market centers, represent a broad geographic sampling, and comprise both mature and emerging economies. The cities are measured across 10 indicators constructed with a robust sampling of 59 variables, each of which has been chosen because it is: relevant; consistent across the sample; publicly available and collectible; current; free of skewing from local nuances; and truly reflective of a city’s quality or power.

The report is based on publicly available information supported by extensive research. Three main sources are used: Global multilateral development organizations such as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, national statistics organizations, and commercial data providers. The scoring methodology was developed to ensure transparency and simplicity, as well as comparability across cities.

Taking the data for each individual variable, the 30 cities are sorted from the best performing to the lowest performing. The cities are then assigned a score from 30 (best performing) to 1 (lowest performing). Once all 59 variables are ranked and scored, they are placed into their 10 indicators. Within each group, the variable scores are then summed to produce an overall indicator score for that topic. This produces 10 indicator league tables that display the relative performance of our 30 cities.

For more information, download all or part of the report.

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Cities of Opportunity is a study jointly performed by PwC and the Partnership for New York City. Please contact the following persons to learn more about the study and its business implications.

On business implications:

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Definitions and sources of the variables

This study includes 59 variables which have been ranked, scored and then placed into their 10 indicators for all 30 cities (for example, ease of doing business or city gateway).

For more detail on the specifics of the variables and indicators, download the Definitions and sources for all the variables.