Bob Moritz PwC Chairman and Senior Partner
The key to growing cities: Balance, talent and ease of doing business

As PwC Senior Partner Bob Moritz discusses, the key to a city's economic clout lies in the balance between attracting talent and ease of doing business.

Bill Bratton Chairman of Kroll, the security company; former leader of New York and Los Angeles police
Ganging up on crime: Method anchors the madness from L.A. to London

Bill Bratton on his experience dealing with urban gangs and the importance of the rule of law to allow the socialization which defines cities.
Crime & Punishment, rewired for 2025

Bill Bratton discusses cyber-crime, the impact of social media and the importance of public safety as a critical factor in the health of cities.
The secret of policing: Mr. Bratton's neighborhood

After dramatically cutting crime in New York and Los Angeles, Bill Bratton discusses how it’s done: One neighborhood at a time, with focused prevention and response.
Turning the tide on systemic corruption

Bill Bratton discusses the causes of corruption and the conditions necessary to effectively combat it.
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Edward O. Wilson Entomologist, Harvard professor emeritus
The long view of cities

Harvard's Edward O. Wilson discusses the evolutionary role of cities -- how humans have created them over time, and how we need to mold them today for livability and consistency with fundamental human needs.
The long view of cities
Gearing education for the techno-scientific revolution

Edward O. Wilson, acclaimed Harvard sociobiologist, argues that education must catch up with today's techno-scientific revolution -- and offers some original proposals for doing so.
Cities and nature
Cities and nature: Developing a paradise with the help of reason

Edward O. Wilson, professor emeritus of entomology at Harvard, discusses the importance of green cities -- and tells us why and how humans should share nature in a harmonious balance.
Cities and nature
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Peter Chamley Head of infrastructure, Arup design and engineering
A wing and a prayer: Airports, travelers and urban economies

Peter Chamley discusses possible solutions to improving the experience of flying into London.
Big digs: How to do it, and not

From Crossrail to Second Avenue, Peter Chamley discusses practical and political roadblocks in keeping massive infrastructure projects on track in the US, UK and Singapore.
Driving ahead: public or private, there is a need for vision

Peter Chamley discusses the differences in financial rigor between publicly and privately financed projects.
London Pride: Olympian feats and quotidian commutes

Peter Chamley discusses the success of Olympic construction, making that infrastructure live on to transform neighborhoods and changes to improve commuting in the London area.
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Wim Elfrink Executive vice president, Cisco
Crossing the technology frontier

Wim Elfrink discusses the impact of "the internet of things" and the cloud as enablers of transformational change.
India and beyond: Investing in the future, thinking out of the box

Wim Elfrink discusses the myriad factors that led him to choose India for the construction of Cisco’s “second headquarters.” It all comes down to seizing opportunity despite challenges.
The new normal: Wired for holistic sustainability

Wim Elfrink discusses the reasons people move to cities and the creation of intelligent infrastructures.
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David Miller Former Mayor, Toronto
Toronto nurtures its "city of newcomers"

David Miller discusses how growing the arts and culture in Toronto is a good business strategy…and the connection between creativity in the arts and innovation in business.
Building futures: Educate, innovate...stop and smell the flowers

David Miller discusses key areas for the long-term wellbeing of cities. The journey begins by achieving good quality of life so people want to live, work and invest in building a dynamic future.
Maple sugar & civility: Toronto's quiet recipe for success

David Miller discusses the core Canadian value of civility and its economic impact in Toronto as well as the rising economic power of cities internationally.
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