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In this fifth edition of Cities of Opportunity, PwC and the Partnership for New York City again examine the current social and economic performance of the world’s leading cities. We also add a future dimension that probes the shape of city economies to come.

Together, looking at the 2012 results and ahead toward the possibilities in 2025, we seek to provide a realistic framework for thought and action beginning with 27 of the world’s most significant cities—on one hand, the engine of the modern global economy and on the other, the heart of much of our shared culture.

Download the full report, or read the policy analysis and full transcripts of the interviews conducted of key influencers. We also include a complete chart pack of the data for you to download. As the report uses publicly available data sources, we also provide definitions of the variables as well as a complete list of the sources used for each variable.

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Cities of Opportunity projects the future of economic growth, population, and employment in our 27 cities in a pragmatic spirit. Our look at the future also suggests "what ifs" that push the probable envelope toward the possible. Scenarios investigate changes in the size of our urban pie through faster or slower macroeconomic growth as well as the same-sized urban pie being sliced differently based on the relative importance of varying city qualities.


Shanghai and Beijing are pushing ahead, while Western cities continue to compete. Our 10 indicators have undergone substantial revision this year and are now composed of 60 variables. This year, we also added a new indicator, City gateway. It seeks to measure a city’s global attraction.

In the coming years, cities will constitute an ever-increasing percentage of human communities. Since the end of the Second World War, urbanization has been the overriding demographic trend in every continent but especially in the developing world.

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