Where the jobs are… and where they will be

Where the jobs are

In looking toward the future, Cities of Opportunity assumed a continuation of growth to quarter-century but at a more modest pace.

This outlook represents good growth in the face of current challenges but no return to the high levels of a few years ago for a number of reasons, notably including the large overhang of debt in the developed world. The baseline shows that by 2025, 19 million more people will be living and 13.7 million more working in our cities. The 27 cities will generate an additional $3.3 trillion in gross domestic product.

When we look closely at individual cities and consider the different gears in the engine needed to continue social and economic prosperity, shadings of meaning come into play that are relevant to government, business, and community decision-makers.

So where do we project the jobs to be in 2025? Which city and which industry?

To answer those questions, we developed a data modeling tool using current and projected job growth data from Oxford Economics. Select a city, then choose the industries you’re interested in to create a customized data chart.

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