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On-demand library of CPE-eligible webcasts


Do you need CPE credit? Browse our library of on-demand CPE programs. Earn some CPE and catch up on accounting and financial reporting hot topics at the same time.

Current Accounting and Reporting Developments, first quarter


Our quarterly webcast is designed to keep you informed about emerging accounting, regulatory, and market developments impacting financial reporting.

HCP Engagement: The path to an optimized program


In this webcast, our specialists will provide an overview of the key challenges and common barriers for efficient and compliant engagement of HCPs, and much more.

Big Decisions: How Data and Analytics Are Transforming Decision-Making


Join our TMT subject matter specialists as they share findings from PwC's Global Data and Analytics Survey: Big Decisions™.

FASB changes how to derecognize nonfinancial assets


New FASB guidance related to the derecognition of nonfinancial assets will bring consistency among various accounting models.

Week of February 23, 2017


PwC's weekly accounting update: Classification of deferred taxes, Governance insights, Current accounting and reporting developments, and more

Classification of deferred taxes


The classification of deferred taxes is changing. Watch now for the highlights.

Digital frontier for operational excellence


In this recorded webcast, we examine how digital integrity operating windows may be the answer to this "where to invest" question for the operators of the future.

Pricing Transparency: Continuing the Conversation


Drug cost scrutiny and a call for greater drug price transparency are a consistent topic in the news. In this recorded webcast, we share our point of view and key considerations and success factors for becoming a more transparent organization.

Governance Insights: February 21, 2017


This edition of our biweekly newsletter for directors and investors includes articles on challenges of pay ratio rule, Dodd-Frank, board refreshment, and more.

Tax Function of the Future: Tax Analytics - The next frontier


In this recorded webcast, we discuss the five levels of Tax Analytics and provide practical examples for how Tax functions should begin building competence and functional capacity in this area.

Week of February 16, 2017


PwC's weekly accounting update: Liabilities and equity classification, Measuring goodwill impairments, Effective tax rate volatility, and more

In depth: Net investment hedges may be impacted by recent tax regulations


Recent tax regulations could impact companies using an after-tax net investment hedging strategy.

Point of view: Distinguishing liabilities from equity - A first step


The model for distinguishing liabilities from equity is complex. We suggest the FASB make improvements to the model.

Why Companies Can Expect More Volatility In Their Effective Tax Rate


The FASB’s new simplification guidance may cause significant volatility in a company’s income tax expense, and that tax volatility will drop right to its bottom line. PwC Partner Beth Paul explains why in her latest blog.

Classification of securities with characteristics of both debt and equity


Companies often finance operations with securities that have characteristics of both debt and equity. Watch to learn about liability vs equity classification.

In depth: Measuring goodwill impairment to get easier


Performing a goodwill impairment test? We explain how the FASB’s new guidance will make the test simpler.

Value-Based Engagement Models: Making Collaborations between Pharma and Health Systems Work


In this recorded webcast, we explore the key drivers to making collaborations between pharma companies and health systems work.

Fair value hierarchy


The fair value hierarchy drives both disclosure and valuation. Watch this video to get a refresher on the basics.

Shareholder questions: Management's considerations for 2017 annual meetings


Learn about the issues that shareholders may be asking about at the annual shareholder meeting.

Comments on proposed guidance: Distinguishing Liabilities from Equity


PwC responded to the FASB’s proposed changes to the accounting for financial instruments with down round features.

Effective dates for new FASB guidance


View our FASB effective dates cheat sheet, which includes recently released guidance for public companies and nonpublic companies, and links to PwC resources that explain each standard.

In depth: Fair value technical correction: FASB clarifies valuation terms and amends disclosures


PwC summarizes the recent technical correction to valuation terms and disclosures.

IFRS news - February 2017


This issue of IFRS news looks at accepting IFRS 17, IFRS 15 Mole - accounting for free gifts, substitution rights and more.

Week of February 2, 2017


PwC's weekly accounting update: Goodwill impairment, Fair value, IFRS year-end hot topics, US GAAP accounting standards, and more

Week of February 9, 2017


PwC's weekly accounting update: Shareholder questions, Fair value hierarchy, IFRS news, and more

Episode 22: IFRS year-end hot topics


Preparing IFRS financials? Listen to these year-end reminders before you file.

New accounting guidance creates volatility in effective tax rates


Learn why two new US GAAP accounting standards could cause volatility in effective tax rates.

Recently issued accounting standards - Governance considerations


Reviewing disclosures about new accounting standards? We tell you what those in oversight roles should be asking management.

State Tax Function of the Future: Audit and Controversies


In this recorded webcast, our State Tax specialists discuss increase in state audit activity, new approaches by the states on audit, and how state tax departments need to proactively prepare audit ready files.