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On-demand library of CPE-eligible webcasts


Do you need CPE credit? Browse our library of on-demand CPE programs. Earn some CPE and catch up on accounting and financial reporting hot topics at the same time.

PwC’s Deals Practice: Year-end M&A Outlook for 2016 webcast - December 18, 2015


Join us on December 18th to review the current state of the M&A market in the US, the trends impacting dealmaking, what we envision the deal market could look like in 2016, and key considerations for successfully executing your deal.

Technology industry executive webcast series - December 17, 2015


This quarterly webcast is designed to address technical accounting issues impacting technology companies. In this webcast, PwC Technology and National Office practitioners will provide an update on the latest ASC 606 amendments and TRG developments, and more.

Current Accounting & Reporting Developments webcast - December 16, 2015


Register for our quarterly webcast, designed to keep you informed about emerging accounting, regulatory, and market developments impacting financial reporting.

Healthcare, Higher Education, and Nonprofit Series: Year End Review and 2016 Outlook - December 15, 2015


In this webcast, our tax specialists will discuss key areas impacting healthcare providers including academic medical centers, universities, and other tax-exempt organizations.

Private Company Services 2015 Year-end accounting & reporting developments webcast - December 9, 2015


During this 90-minute webcast, private company specialists Kirsten Schofield, Tom Sullivan, Kassie Bauman, and Tony DiNardo will participate in an informative discussion on current accounting and financial reporting developments with a focus on private company considerations.

Assessing the effectiveness of your Compliance Testing Program webcast - December 8, 2015


During this webcast, we will share the results of the 2015 Compliance Testing Survey and our perspectives on what financial institutions can be doing to keep pace with the evolving risk and regulatory compliance landscape.

Revenue Recognition: Technical update and readiness considerations for entertainment and media industries webcast - December 3, 2015


Entertainment and media companies are facing many different challenges as they determine how to implement the new revenue standard. In this webcast, we’ll share our insights on the latest developments related to the standard and potentially impacting your implementation efforts.

Revenue Recognition: Technical update and readiness considerations for the communications industry webcast - December 3, 2015


In this webcast our panel will discuss specific impacts the new revenue recognition standard will have on the communications sector, including inherent challenges in implementing the standard in the current environment, practical considerations as communication companies move toward implementation, and more.

Baruch College - Ensuring Integrity: The 10th Annual Audit Conference


Baruch College's 10th Annual Audit Conference serves as a forum for interaction between business, public accounting, academics, and policy setters on December 3.

The Latest in Compensation and Benefits Accounting - Advanced Earnings Per Share (EPS) for equity awards – Beyond stock options webcast- December 2, 2015


During this webcast, PwC specialists will provide their perspectives on emerging accounting, regulatory and market developments within the incentive compensation and employee benefits arena.

SEC Comment Letter trends in the energy sector webcast - December 2, 2015


During this webcast, we'll discuss SEC Comment Letter trends in the energy sector.

SEC comment letter trends webcasts: Commercial and industrial companies (Dec. 1, 2015) or Financial services (Dec. 2, 2015)


Each 90-minute SEC comment letter trends webcast will provide you with insights and analysis of recent SEC comment letter trends at an industry level. One webcast discusses trends impacting Commercial and industrial companies sectors and the other is focused on Financial services industries.

Managing your wealth: Guide to tax and wealth management


PwC’s 2016 year-end guide to tax and wealth management offers guidance for strategic tax planning, managing your portfolio, charitable giving, estate and gift planning, business succession planning and other topics.

Effective dates for new FASB guidance


The FASB's active standard setting means it is more important than ever to know which standards are effective when. Here we provide effective dates for the FASB's recently released guidance, segregated between public companies and nonpublic companies since that designation results frequently translates into a different effective date.

Fast Takes on Talent Innovations


Our series of Fast Takes on Talent Innovations examines the critical role each element of the talent ecosystem plays within an organization – and offers PwC’s insights on how today’s business leaders can reinvent their talent strategies to compete and win.

In brief: FASB proposes a new definition of a business


The FASB has proposed a new definition of a business, which would result in more asset (versus business) acquisitions.

Flashline - Week ending November 24, 2015


This week's PwC update on financial reporting developments includes: In the loop: Foreign currency risk management in today's volatile currency environment... FASB simplifies balance sheet classification of deferred taxes... and more

In brief: FASB simplifies balance sheet classification of deferred taxes


On November 20, the FASB issued final guidance simplifying the balance sheet classification of deferred taxes.

What's new on CFOdirect - Week of November 24, 2015


This edition includes: Flashline, Foreign currency risk management, FASB simplifies balance sheet classification of deferred taxes, Q3 2015 deals updates, and more

In the loop: Foreign currency risk management in today’s volatile currency environment


PwC describes strategies and the associated accounting implications for hedging foreign currency risks.

IFRS news - November 2015


This issue of IFRS news looks at (1) proposed interpretation on foreign currency and advance consideration, (2) new interpretation on uncertainty over income tax treatments, (3) proposed practice statement on the application of materiality to financial statements, (4) leases, (5) update on IFRS 9 Impairment Transition Group, (6) financial instruments with the characteristics of equity, (7) disclosure initiative, (8) insurers and IFRS 9, (9) borrowing costs, (10) joint control, (10) definition of a business, and (11) IFRIC rejections in short — IAS 10.

The Future of Privacy after Safe Harbor - Webcast replay


Europe’s highest court, The Court of Justice of the European Union, ruled that the European Commission’s Safe Harbor Decision was invalid. Watch this recorded webcast to hear from PwC’s privacy leaders about the implications this decision has for businesses with European operations.

Podcast: Restructuring


Changes in the business landscape can result in personnel restructuring or exiting leased facilities. Listen now to learn more.

What's new on CFOdirect - Week of November 19, 2015


This edition includes: Structured payables, Currency translation adjustments, FASB accounting for income taxes projects, and more

Private company services series: Top year-end tax planning strategies for private companies, family businesses and individuals - Webcast replay


This recorded webcast features a discussion of upcoming legislative matters and what to expect from changes on Capitol Hill and the upcoming presidential election. We also provide an overview of corporate and individual year-end planning considerations.

Flashline - Week ending November 19, 2015


This week's PwC update on financial reporting developments includes: In brief: FASB sets effective dates for upcoming standards on financial instruments... In the loop: Structured payables - could they be debt?... and more

Understanding the Global Employee Engagement Landscape - Webcast replay


In this recorded webcast, we explore the findings of our 2015 Global Employee Engagement Landscape study and gain insight into the different profiles of engagement and their linkage to performance, including global and industry trends of employee engagement over the last 3 years, factors that activate engagement, and more.

Fed’s finalized liquidity reporting requirements


Ten key points from the Fed’s finalized liquidity reporting requirements.

In brief: FASB finalizes effective date for the proposed impairment standard


The FASB has decided on the effective date for the proposed impairment standard for financial instruments.