What's new on CFOdirect - Week of July 1, 2014

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Accounting and reporting 

Flashline: A weekly update on financial reporting - July 1, 2014
This week's topics include:
- In depth: FASB revises consolidation accounting
- BoardroomDirect - June 2014
- BoardroomDirect Special Edition (ProxyPulse, second edition 2014)
- FASB meetings and project updates
- IASB issues amendments to IAS 16 and IAS 41 for bearer plants
- IFRS for SMEs Update - June 2014
- PCAOB releases staff guidance for auditors of SEC-registered brokers and dealers
- Additional ASB interpretations address GASB pension issues

In depth: FASB revises consolidation accounting
The FASB issued a new standard in June 2014 to eliminate the concept of a development stage entity (DSE) from today's accounting guidance in its entirety. While originally the project was aimed at eliminating the incremental reporting requirements for DSEs, the consolidation guidance was also amended, impacting all companies that invest in these entities. In most cases, a different analysis will be required by an investor to determine if it should consolidate one of these entities. This, in turn, could cause changes in consolidation conclusions. Regardless of the conclusions, incremental disclosures will apply. The change to the consolidation analysis is effective from the beginning of 2016 for calendar year-end public companies.


BoardroomDirect: Update on current board issues -June 2014
This issue of BoardroomDirect® includes an article about the influence of activist shareholders and the role they play today in forcing change. There is also news about a Delaware bill that would prohibit fee-shifting bylaws, environmental groups warning boards of fossil fuel companies about climate-change litigation, the new converged revenue recognition standard, and the first round of conflict minerals disclosures.

ProxyPulse Second Edition 2014
This second 2014 edition of ProxyPulse, a special publication from PwC's Center for Board Governance and Broadridge Financial Solutions, covers 2,788 shareholder meetings held between January 1 and May 22, 2014.

Human resources

PwC's 2014 Health and Well-being Touchstone Survey results
PwC is pleased to announce the availability of our 2014 Health and Well-being Touchstone Survey results. The 2014 survey data contains detailed benefits information provided by approximately 1,200 participating companies in 35 different industries across the nation.


Webcast: Global Pension Survey Results A US Perspective - July 16
The results are in from the 114 major multi-nationals that responded to our global pension survey. It is time to present the results and understand what this means for the US market. Please join our webcast on July 16 at 2PM EDT to learn of findings and discuss the trends and implications of the survey as well as share the perspectives on the future state of retirement plans as provided by these global trend setters. We'll cover what companies are saying is next and if 'New Paternalism' is the answer.

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