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Accounting & reporting 

Flashline: A weekly update on financial reporting - August 7, 2014
This week's topics include:
- In depth: Consolidation-a new standard is imminent-Highlights of the expected changes
- Insights from the Investment Community: Non-GAAP financial measures-Investor and analyst 
- FASB issues final guidance on measuring financial assets and financial liabilities of a consolidated
  collateralized financing entity
- FASB meetings and project updates
- AICPA seeks comments on private-entity audit improvement efforts
- IIA seeks input on proposed changes to global internal audit framework
- IIRC release papers on understanding the role of assurance on Integrated Reporting

In depth: Consolidation - a new standard is imminent
The FASB expects to issue a final standard amending the current consolidation guidance in the coming months. The new consolidation standard will make targeted changes to the current consolidation guidance and end the deferral granted to investment companies from applying the variable interest entity (VIE) guidance.

Non-GAAP financial measures - Investor and analyst perspectives
Companies often use non-GAAP financial measures to provide insights into their business. Investment professionals share their perspectives on the value to investors, their effect on transparency, and perceptions on management.

Human resources

An HR perspective - Nothing but change for healthcare industry stakeholders
Health care organizations today find themselves amid transformation on numerous fronts: everything from merging provider organizations to converging providers and payors to changing compensation models. Many of these changes are starting to reflect an Affordable Care Act America, along with more general shifts in the US healthcare industry-all of which yield implications for stakeholders across the board, including executives, employees, and physicians.

Mergers and acquisitions

Pricing & Profitability: Deals Desk - A key business enabler to meet customer demands
As companies look to maintain market competitiveness and to meet the demands of increasingly sophisticated customers while also managing their profitability, many are implementing a deals desk function as a key business enabler.

Q2 2014 US technology deal insights
Extending the positive momentum from the second half of 2013, equity markets set new highs, IPO markets reached activity levels not seen in years, VC investments harkened back to 2000 levels, and economic outlooks remained modestly optimistic across sectors. Private equity (PE) continued to play an active role in technology, though challenged by strategic buyers who are able to leverage healthy valuations and substantial amounts of cash on hand.


Doing business in the United States
Global companies investing in the United States face unique opportunities and challenges. This publication reviews the key tax issues and provides insights to help investors navigate the US business environment.


Webcast: Transforming your Security Posture with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework - August 13
PwC's Energy practice webcast will explain how you can leverage the NIST Cybersecurity Framework to objectively assess your current as well as target security states provided the recent Havex malware attacks on the energy sector in order to drive communication with business leadership to convey strengths, weaknesses, and strategic goals. Learn how to identify development areas and build the business case for security posture transformation with real-world examples employing the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

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