The quarter close — Second quarter 2015

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Quarter close 06/15/2015 by Assurance services
The quarter close — Second quarter 2015: Publication and video perspectives

At a glance

This edition features recent business, FASB and regulatory developments, including mitigating foreign currency volatility, the SEC's pay-for-performance proposal, developments in the new revenue recognition standard, US GAAP accounting simplifications, and more.

This edition of The quarter close covers the latest financial reporting and regulatory developments that are earning headlines for the second quarter of 2015. These include:

  • Companies continue to seek ideas for mitigating foreign currency volatility in their financial statements
  • The FASB unveils a not-for-profit proposal that could be a bellwether of what’s ahead for all companies
  • The FASB and IASB approach changes to the new revenue standard differently
  • Companies face a quick succession of new US GAAP simplifications—both proposals and final standards
  • And more

The quarter close video perspectives — Second quarter 2015

This quarter's video perspectives highlight recent hot topics including a broad look at foreign currency volatility, the impact of restricted stock on earnings per share, an update on the latest M&A activity and the related accounting, and assessing significant influence in the context of equity method accounting.

Foreign currency volatilityForeign currency volatility is impacting companies across all industries. PwC’s Valerie Wieman and John Horan discuss the driving forces, risk management hedging strategies, and disclosure considerations.  Earnings per share: the impact of restricted stockDo you have restricted stock in your compensation plan? Hear PwC's Brian Ness discuss factors to consider when accounting for restricted stock in the earnings per share calculation.  Mergers & acquisition activityAre you considering an acquisition? Hear PwC's Brian Ness and Sara DeSmith discuss contingent consideration, continuing involvement and other accounting aspects in the mergers and acquisition space.  Equity method accounting: assessing significant influenceDo you have an equity method investee? Hear PwC's Brad Jansen share his insights on how to assess significant influence in the equity method of accounting.       

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