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The reward of gender pay equity through the lens of data and analytics


Now is the time for action in gender pay equity. Find out how.

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The reward of gender pay equity through the lens of data and analytics


Over the past year, you’ve probably heard a lot about the gender pay gap in the news. The topic has dominated headlines and was a point of discussion at the World Economic Forum. Additionally, increased state and federal regulations have brought this issue to the forefront of CEO’s and Chief Human Resources Officer’s minds.

Brexit’s potential financial impact on US companies


Brexit will likely cause financial volatility in the near-term; the longer-term impact is still unclear.

Lessor accounting: how the new lease and revenue standards interact


PwC discusses the interaction between the FASB’s new leasing and revenue guidance for lessors.

Are leases embedded in your contracts?


FASB’s new leasing guidance requires lessees to record leases embedded in other arrangements on their balance sheets.

Is additional shareholder value tied up in your real estate?


Got significant real estate or leasehold interests? Monetizing them may unlock shareholder value, but there are challenges.

Managing pension costs - some solutions are time-sensitive


There are ways employers can manage pension liabilities and control costs associated with providing lifelong benefits.

Spin-off transactions - Governance considerations


Spin-offs have seen a resurgence in recent years. Learn about the governance issues associated with these transactions.

Foreign currency risk management in today’s volatile currency environment


PwC describes strategies and the associated accounting implications for hedging foreign currency risks.

Structured payables - could they be debt? (Revised November 14, 2016*)


PwC describes a structured payable program and how to evaluate whether the trade payable should be considered debt.