In depth: Year-end financial reporting considerations


Download: Year-end financial reporting considerations

This publication revisits 2015 financial reporting topics that may impact this year-end's reporting cycle.

This PwC publication revisits the 2015 financial reporting topics that continue to present challenges to financial statement preparers because of their complexity or unique nature. While not an exhaustive list, it addresses a variety of technical and reporting topics within five broad themes:

  1. Strategic investments
  2. Disposal transactions
  3. Financing and capital transactions
  4. Compensation accounting
  5. Other accounting hot topics

In addition to a summary of the matter, we provide references to other PwC publications where additional guidance can be found. We also provide links to our video perspectives where you can hear PwC professionals discuss some of these topics. Lastly, we have provided a link to a list of standards eligible for adoption in the 2015 reporting cycle.

Find out which financial reporting topics may impact this year-end's reporting cycle.