In brief

Timely, high-level overviews of significant business, regulatory, financial reporting, accounting and auditing matters

In brief: SEC updates interpretive guidance on non-GAAP financial measures


The SEC's new guidance on non-GAAP measures includes examples of what may make measures misleading or unduly prominent.

In brief: FASB proposes technical corrections to the new revenue standard


The FASB’s proposal makes technical corrections to the new revenue standard and provides additional disclosure relief.

In brief: PCAOB reproposes significant changes to the auditor’s report


PCAOB requests comment on reproposal to significantly change the auditor’s report.

In brief: FASB proposes to simplify measurement of goodwill impairment


FASB proposed eliminating Step 2 of the current goodwill impairment test.

In brief: FASB issues narrow-scope improvements to new revenue standard


The FASB issued amendments regarding collectibility, noncash consideration, presentation of sales tax, and transition.

In brief: IVSC issues exposure drafts on revised intangibles standard and other topics


IVSC is seeking feedback on proposed revisions to intangible assets valuation standard and other topics.

In brief: PCAOB proposes new requirements for audits involving other auditors


PCAOB requests comment on proposal to modify standards for lead auditor’s supervision of other auditors.

In brief: FASB updates revenue standard on performance obligations and licenses


The FASB amended the new revenue standard related to identifying performance obligations and accounting for licenses.

In brief: SEC seeks comments on the disclosure requirements of Regulation S-K


The SEC published a concept release to seek input on the importance, usefulness, and cost/benefit of the disclosures required by Regulation S-K.

In brief: IASB publishes amendments to the new revenue standard


IASB issued its amendments to the new revenue standard, which differ in some respects from those proposed by the FASB.