IFRS news - November 2013

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IFRS news 11/11/2013 by Assurance services
IFRS news - November 2013

At a glance

PwC's monthly report shedding light on the IASB's activities. This edition looks at (1) IASB leasing project, (2) IASB revenue project, (3) IAS 1 narrow scope amendments, (4) joint arrangements narrow scope amendments, (5) impairment of financial assets, (6) rate regulated activities, and (7) IASB’s work plan.

PwC's monthly report shedding light on the IASB's activities. 

The November 2013 edition looks at:

  • IASB leasing Project - The comments letters are in
    Fernando Chiqueto from PwC’s Accounting Consulting Services examines the responses
  • IASB revenue project - Are we there yet?
    The IASB and FASB met in October to finalize the last three outstanding issues on their joint revenue recognition project
  • Cannon Street Press
    — IAS 1 narrow scope amendments
    — Joint arrangements narrow scope amendments
    — Impairment of financial assets
    — Rate regulated activities
    — IASB’s work plan
  • Questions and answers
    Know your IFRS 'ABC'. This month:‘K’ for Know your common control