IFRS news - May 2014

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IFRS news 05/08/2014 by Assurance services
IFRS news -  May 2014

At a glance

This issue of IFRS news looks at (1) IASB’s discussion paper on accounting for macro hedging, (2) integrated reporting, (3) IFRS in the US, (4) foreign exchange - a moving target, (5) revenue standard expected in second half of May, (6) IASB’s research programme, (7) leasing deliberations, and (8) Q&As: perpetual debt.

PwC's monthly report shedding light on the IASB's activities.

The May 2014 edition looks at:

  • IFRS 9 Macro hedging - IASB discussion paper
    IASB seeks feedback on accounting for macro hedging
  • Integrated reporting - are we moving forward?
    Mark O’Sullivan looks at the latest on integrated reporting  
  • IFRS in the US
    Erin Bennett, US Accounting Consulting Services, discusses why IFRS is still important in the US
  • Foreign exchange - a moving target
    Exchange mechanisms continues to challenge overseas parents
  • Cannon Street Press
    — Revenue standard expected in second half of May
    — IASB’s research programme
    — Leasing deliberations
  • Questions and answers
    ‘P’ is for Perpetual debt