IFRS news - April 2014

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IFRS news 04/07/2014 by Assurance services
IFRS news -  April 2014

At a glance

This issue of IFRS news looks at (1) leases – convergence is no longer a priority, (2) IFRS 10 practice issues, (3) OCI - feedback from the Conceptual Framework Discussion Paper, (4) EU backs IFRS Foundation, (5) exposure draft on IAS 1 narrow scope amendments, (6) joint arrangement implementation issues, (7) equity method in separate financial statements, and (8) Q&As: Onerous contracts.

PwC's monthly report shedding light on the IASB's activities.

The April 2014 edition looks at:

  • Leases
    IASB and FASB indicate convergence is no longer a priority for the Leasing project
  • IFRS 10 - Have you lost control?
    Derek Carmichael looks at the challenges associated with the assessment of control   
  • OCI - Here to stay?
    Feedback on Conceptual Framework Discussion Paper suggests support for a profit and loss subtotal
  • Cannon Street Press
    — EU backs IFRS foundation
    — Exposure draft on IAS 1 narrow scope amendments
    — Joint arrangement implementation issues
    — Equity method in separate financial statements  
  • Questions and answers
    ‘O’ is for Onerous contracts