EITF observer - A synopsis of the June 12th EITF meeting

EITF observer Jun 16, 2014

The EITF met on June 12 to discuss three issues. PwC's EITF observer provides a summary of the decisions reached.


At its June 12, 2014 meeting, the FASB’s Emerging Issues Task Force (EITF) reached final consensuses on two issues affecting consolidated collateralized financing entities, and government-guaranteed real estate mortgage loans. Discussions also continued on an issue related to determining whether a host contract in a hybrid instrument issued in the form of a share is more akin to debt or equity. The final consensuses must first be ratified by the FASB at its meeting in early July 2014 before becoming final accounting standards updates (ASUs).

This edition of EITF observer provides a synopsis of the discussions and decisions reached at the June 12, 2014 EITF meeting.

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