EITF observer: A meeting synopsis - March 2012

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EITF observer 03/18/2012 by Assurance services
EITF observer: A meeting synopsis - March 2012

At a glance

At the EITF's March 15 meeting, the EITF discussed six Issues, reaching a consensus-for-exposure on three Issues. The remaining three Issues will be discussed further at a future meeting.

At the EITF's March 15 meeting, the Task Force discussed the six Issues listed below. This edition of EITF observer provides a synopsis of the meeting.


  • Issue 12-A—Not-for-Profit Entities: Classification of Gifts of Securities Immediately Sold In the Statement of Cash Flows
  • Issue 12-C—Subsequent Accounting for an Indemnification Asset Recognized as a Result of a Government-Assisted Acquisition of a Lending Institution
  • Issue 12-E—Accounting for Fair Value Information That Arises Subsequent to the Measurement Date and Its Inclusion in the Impairment Analysis of Unamortized Film Costs

Further discussion expected

  • Issue 11-A—Parent's Accounting for the Cumulative Translation Adjustment (CTA) upon the Sale or Transfer of a Group of Assets within a Consolidated Foreign Entity That Meets the Definition of a Business
  • Issue 12-B—Not-for-Profit Entities: Contributed Services from an Affiliate
  • Issue 12-D—Accounting for Joint and Several Liability for Which the Total Amount of the Obligation is Fixed