PwC's 2014 Annual Corporate Directors Survey

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Corporate Governance Series 10/21/2014 by Center for Board Governance
PwC's 2014 Annual Corporate Directors Survey

At a glance

What does the corporate board of the future look like? Diversity, shareholder relations, communication with management, effective IT governance, fair executive compensation, and agile risk response are cited in PwC's Annual Corporate Directors Survey.

The board of the future

Disruptions abound in today’s business world. Some stakeholders want boards to become more diverse, and increasingly vocal shareholders want to communicate differently with public company directors and managements.

Executive compensation remains a hot topic of debate, and boards are learning to deal with activist shareholders.

Technology is drastically altering the world of business, presenting vast new opportunities and increasingly pronounced risks.

Things are changing in the corporate governance world. New trends are starting to emerge and take hold. They’re influencing perspectives and practices in the boardroom. Learn what boards are doing in response to the trends.

Board governance trends discussed in depth in this series to date include: