10Minutes on organizational DNA


Download: 10Minutes on organizational DNA

Ever wonder why some companies consistently deliver while others disappoint? By understanding what makes your organization tick and where there might be breakdowns to address, you and your employees can truly deliver on your strategic intent.

Your strategy is only as good as your company’s ability and willingness to execute it. The key to unlocking that potential? Your organizational DNA—the combination of formal and informal traits that determine your company’s identity and performance. If you can isolate and analyze the elements of your organizational DNA, you can get right to the root causes of breakdowns in execution and truly deliver on your strategic intent.

Never has that ability been more critical. Our 10Minutes introduces you to the eight organizational DNA levers and how you can use Strategy&’s free, online Org DNA Profiler to assess your own organization. You’ll be able to identify which organizational archetype you are, zero in on the barriers to effective execution, and, ultimately, determine what changes may be needed to your operating model.