10Minutes on integrated reporting

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10Minutes 04/29/2014 by Sustainable business solutions
10Minutes on integrated reporting

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Investors have been showing increased interest in the correlations between financial performance and sustainability factors like resource scarcity, environmental performance and corporate governance when assessing a company’s future risk and growth opportunities. Is your company ready to respond? This 10Minutes highlights insights and benefits companies can glean into these issues by integrating their thinking to develop a better understanding of impacts to their businesses, allowing them to tell a more holistic value creation story.

Investors are seeking improved transparency around financial and non-financial factors alike, and their effects on the company’s strategy, governance, performance and future prospects. But having better insight into these issues benefits companies too. Whether your company is looking to achieve better alignment around strategic goals, focus on performance gaps and opportunities, or encourage collaboration across key internal functions in the organization, this 10Minutes explores how developing a path to greater transparency through integrated reporting may be worth discovering.

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