Non-GAAP measures: How the SEC’s updated guidance will impact registrants - September 13

In this webcast, specialists from PwC’s national office will lead an informative discussion on the SEC’s recently-updated Compliance and Disclosure Interpretations (C&DIs) and what they mean to preparers, audit committees, and other stakeholders.

Current Accounting & Reporting Developments, third quarter - September 21, 2016

Register for our Q3 webcast, designed to keep you informed about emerging accounting, regulatory, and market developments impacting financial reporting.


PwC's CFOdirect podcast series features perspectives on today's key regulatory, accounting and financial reporting developments. Each episode provides insight using plain English to help you stay current in a rapidly changing business world.

Episode 14: FASB Standard setting update, Q2 2016

Need an update on standard setting activities for Q2? Look no further. Listen in to hear about the new revenue updates, financial instrument impairment, non-GAAP and more.

Episode 13: Derivatives and hedging: the fundamentals

Need a refresher on derivatives and hedge accounting? Listen in to get grounded in the fundamentals.