• Less is more: Leaner, integrated IT platforms for the new capital markets arena

    5/13/15 | Financial Services Institute

    Most sell-side financial institutions have sacrificed a coherent IT architecture in favor of speed to market. However, can a firm justify a growing web of applications, tangled in expensive interfaces, now that it’s easier to untangle the mess? In this report, we identify leading application features that can help firms shift to simpler, more integrated IT platforms. We analyze these features across critical functional areas and show how IT executives can make the business case for change.

  • In depth
    In depth: Cloud computing fees - FASB issues guidance on customer accounting

    5/1/15 | Assurance services

    FASB issues final standard on a customer's accounting for fees paid in a cloud computing arrangement.

  • Is it time for consumer lending to go social? How to strengthen underwriting and grow your customer base with social media data

    4/14/15 | Consumer finance

    Is it time for consumer lending to go social? How to strengthen your underwriting and grow your customer base with social media data.

  • Webcast
    Your journals are at risk! Close loopholes that allow users to circumvent manual journal controls webcast

    Advisory services

    Please rewatch our recorded Oracle EBS webcast to learn more about the risks of system users bypassing your preventative manual journal controls and what you can do to keep your manual journals aligned with your controls.

  • Webcast
    Technology Forecast - NoSQL: Remapping the Database Landscape - March 19, 2015

    Watch this recorded webcast and to learn of the evolution of NoSQL and other database technologies, and the strategies leading companies use to improve the customer experience with tools crafted to handle Big Data.

  • Three surprising technology trends for 2015

    2/23/15 | Advisory services

    Which technologies are companies investing in this year? The top-three bets in our 2015 Digital IQ Survey preview are important, but they may not distinguish you from the competition. Instead, look to a trio of picks we believe have extraordinary potential, despite being off the radar screen of many businesses.

  • Building Enterprise Agility

    2/9/15 | Technology

    Companies striving to become agile must think in terms of three kinds of drivers of change: the “operating environment” that might radically reshape their business environment; “strategic responsiveness” or the soft levers they can pull in response; and the “organizational flexibility” that invariably affects their capacity to respond quickly. PwC has identified four key attributes for executives to consider when becoming an agile enterprise.

  • Video
    Cloud computing

    1/21/15 | Assurance services

    Are you on or considering using the cloud? The FASB has a new standard addressing the accounting for this new product

  • IT alternatives: Cloud computing (Observations from the front lines)

    1/7/15 | US Capital Markets and Accounting Advisory Services

    The benefits of cloud computing can be substantial, but companies should consider possible implications to reporting and balance sheet metrics.

  • Software measurement study

    12/9/14 | Technology

    The performance of software development teams is an area of high interest for Technology executives—especially with the increasing impact of software on the usability and functionality of high-tech products. PwC’s Software Measurement Study was designed to analyze the current state of measurement and practices in software development environments. The study compared measurement practices to industry leading practices to provide an assessment of software measurement.

  • An ounce of prevention: Why financial institutions need automated testing

    11/26/14 | Financial Services Institute

    Need a reliable way to prevent costly—and potentially catastrophic—software errors? Try automating functional testing.

  • Improving IT governance in financial services for higher value and lower risk

    11/14/14 | Financial Services Institute

    How you can turn your IT governance program from a compliance obligation to a business enabler? Read more to find out.

  • Closer to fine: Separating data privacy from information security

    8/26/14 | Financial Services Institute

    Who’s in charge of privacy? Why financial institutions should create a separate information privacy organization.

  • Technology industry findings & implications

    8/26/14 | Technology

    Technology companies are in a unique position when it comes to digital. Not only should they invest and innovate to transform their own businesses, but their customers are looking to them for help in getting a digital edge. Find out how the Tech industry rates when it comes to Digital IQ—their ability to understand and weave technology throughout the business—and what they can do to reap more value.

  • In brief
    In brief: FASB proposal to shed some light on the accounting for the Cloud

    8/21/14 | Assurance services

    FASB issues exposure draft intended to simplify the accounting for Cloud Computing customers.

  • The Goldilocks syndrome: Tailoring packaged software so it’s just right

    5/28/14 | Financial Services Institute

    How to make the right customization and configuration decisions so your software can deliver the results you want.

  • Q1 2014 US technology deal insights

    5/21/14 | Transaction services

    Technology deals for the first quarter of 2014 started strong, continuing the momentum of the second-half surge of 2013. Equity markets remained near record highs and IPO activity remained robust in an improving economy. Software and Internet deals continue to dominate as cloud, mobile and data drive much of the industry focus today.

  • PwC's 6th Annual Digital IQ Survey

    4/1/14 | Advisory services

    Download our 2014 Global Digital IQ Survey and explore the wealth of data and PwC insights, gleaned from 1,100 companies around the world, and across industries.