Keep informed about various tax developments

2016 Tax Policy Outlook Setting priorities in an election year


In this publication, PwC's Washington National Tax Services (WNTS) offers a preview of the key tax policy issues facing the Obama Administration and Congress in advance of the November 8 elections. Read more

PwC’s quarterly tax accounting - Webcast replay


In this recorded webcast, a panel of our Tax Accounting Services specialists discuss relevant tax accounting matters including an update on recent activity from standard setters and other relevant ASC 740 topics and considerations.

Global Tax Accounting Services Newsletter: Income tax accounting and reporting developments (January - March 2016)


This publication is designed to help multinationals stay aware of tax accounting and regulatory developments under US GAAP and IFRS, while providing technical guidance on challenging tax accounting areas. This edition features significant tax law and tax rate changes around the globe, updates on the new lease and stock compensation accounting standards, and more.

Rx Marketplace Quarterly, Issue 9


In this edition of Rx Marketplace Quarterly, we discuss the most recent quarter's industry IPOs, venture capital funding, and M&A activity. We also provide regulatory updates and cover financial reporting hot topics, including the new leasing standard and proposed amendments to the new revenue recognition standard.

IRS warning on new ‘phishing’ scheme targeting employees’ personal information highlights growing problem of tax-related business identity theft


The IRS has alerted payroll and HR professionals to a phishing scheme targeting employee information.

Deals & Convergence - Creating Competitive Advantages and Managing Risk Through Compensation & Benefits Planning - Webcast replay


In this webcast replay, our tax specialists discuss the increase in merger and acquisition activities and various compensation and pension planning considerations which should not be overlooked by tax-exempt entities.

Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Tax Hot Topics: Country by Country reporting - Webcast replay


In this recorded webcast, PwC subject matter experts discuss recent developments and considerations around the OECD’s proposed Country by Country reporting requirements.

Personal Financial Services Quarterly News exploring issues and developments affecting high net worth individuals


This PwC newsletter explores issues affecting high net worth individuals and includes year-end tax planning, among others.

Tax as a critical component in every Finance transformation


In this paper, we discuss why it is critical for Tax to be an integral part of Finance transformation initiatives from the outset and explore how Finance and Tax functions, working in tandem and leveraging enterprise investments in technology and overall transformation synergies, will be the basis for a new-era Tax function.

Tax function of the future: Tax as a critical component in every Finance transformation effort - Webcast replay


In this recorded webcast, our Tax Reporting & Strategy and Management Consulting specialists discuss why many Finance functions are undertaking transformations (large and small), and why Tax needs to be an integral part of these efforts from the outset.

December 2015 major tax law changes


Major tax law changes that occurred around the world in December 2015.