Risk management



In this recorded webcast we discuss how to protect your employees, customers, audience & business from the physical, legal, and financial impacts of terrorist and similar attacks.

Impacts of the new leasing standard beyond accounting


Consider these top systems, data, and process challenges – and potential solutions.

2016 Federal ERM Survey


For the second consecutive year, AFERM and PwC have partnered to survey government leaders and staff members for their insights into the current state and maturity of ERM in their department or agency.

In depth: New tax regulations may affect the accounting for intercompany transactions


New Section 385 tax law may impact financial statements and internal controls for US companies with foreign intercompany debt.

Building trust and transparency: Addressing risks and driving value from your third party contracts


In this recorded webcast we discuss steps an organization can take to help mitigate risks and optimize the value from their third party contractual arrangements

Counterparty credit limits: do you know where your exposures are?


The Fed is likely to finalize its single counterparty credit limits (SCCL) rule this year.

HITRUST: Strengthening trust and transparency in the new health economy


In this recorded webcast we discuss the latest developments in the HITRUST framework and how these changes may impact any organization operating along the healthcare continuum.

Deals Practice series: Crisis, restructurings and restatements – Understand the options


In this recorded webcast, we cover approaches to evaluating opportunities during distressed scenarios, developing a plan for change and executing it in order to build value for the future with speed and confidence.

State of Compliance Study 2016


PwC’s Risk Assurance teams of subject matter specialists look at your processes, policies, systems and controls with a fresh eye.

State of Compliance Study 2016: Laying the strategic foundation for strong compliance risk management


In this recorded webcast, we discuss our 6th annual State of Compliance Study, including the tone at the top, risk assessment, and oversight and responsibility.