Mergers & acquisitions

PwC’s Deals Practice: Year-end M&A Outlook for 2016 webcast - December 18, 2015


Join us on December 18th to review the current state of the M&A market in the US, the trends impacting dealmaking, what we envision the deal market could look like in 2016, and key considerations for successfully executing your deal.

Fast Takes on Talent Innovations


Our series of Fast Takes on Talent Innovations examines the critical role each element of the talent ecosystem plays within an organization – and offers PwC’s insights on how today’s business leaders can reinvent their talent strategies to compete and win.

Podcast: Restructuring


Changes in the business landscape can result in personnel restructuring or exiting leased facilities. Listen now to learn more.

Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Deals Insights Quarterly Q3 2015


After a record second quarter, the pharmaceutical and life sciences (PLS) industry continued to demonstrate a healthy deal value and volume in the third quarter. Closed deal volume increased from the prior quarter to 59 from 46 transactions, with deal value decreasing to $67.6 billion from $72.2 billion. Announced and pending transactions continued to shine at $118.9 billion in deal value and 110 transactions.

M&A talent strategy: Engaging and retaining talent


Achieving success in M&A requires evaluating leaders and teams, understanding what motivates them, and an ability to design incentives, environments, and roles with the goal of retaining the most valuable talent.

US retail and consumer deals insights: Q3 2015 update


The US Retail & Consumer sector experienced a strong third quarter in 2015 for M&A activity, which was driven by 11 mega deals (deals with a value of over $1 billion), worth $39.7 billion.

M&A Talent Strategy: Finding and retaining top talent


Many organizations today need the type of talent that can generate massive value and disrupt their industry. Finding that talent is quickly becoming an important objective of M&A.

US Technology deals insights - Q3 2015 update


While tech M&A volumes declined marginally in Q3 2015 compared to Q2, middle-market deal activity maintained momentum, keeping deal values in line with historical norms. During Q3, 62 technology deals closed, accounting for $25.1 billion.

North American Power Deals: Q3 2015 mergers & acquisitions report


This quarter, we saw a significant increase in value and volume as the cost of capital remained low and as strategic investors announced deals supporting current growth objectives and future capital deployment opportunities.

Chemical compounds: Third-quarter 2015 chemical industry mergers and acquisitions analysis


The chemicals sector saw strong growth in merger and acquisition value during the third quarter of 2015 when compared to the previous quarter.