PwC video perspectives on IFRS

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12/17/2012 by US GAAP & IFRS Convergence

In this video series, PwC National Professional Services Group partners Wayne Carnall, David Schmid and Josh Paul discuss several key issues related to the adoption of IFRS in the US and provide PwC's perspective on the future and challenges associated with one set of globally accepted accounting guidelines.

Video 1. Consistency of application A discussion around the role of the regulator and how that affects global adoption

Video 2. Response to SEC work plan What were the global ramifications of the SEC not taking any current action relative to incorporating IFRS?

Video 3. The speed of potential IFRS change A change in administration at the SEC will likely not have much of an immediate impact when it comes to the pace of change

Video 4. The endorsement method and sovereignty issues How the IASB and the FASB are working together with the goal of creating quality standards

Video 5. IFRS - A decision? The ultimate purpose of the final SEC Staff report - what it told us and what it didn't tell us

Video 6. What are the next steps for US companies? IFRS is just as important now to many US companies as it was before the SEC Staff's IFRS work plan was completed

View current developments related to IFRS in the US.