HR Innovation - Summer/Fall 2013

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10/17/2013 by Human resource services
HR Innovation Summer/Fall 2013

At a glance

HR Innovation offers advanced thinking about the challenges that should be uppermost on the minds and agendas of organizations and their Human Resources (HR) leaders. In this issue of HR Innovation, we focus on the continually changing HR landscape and what organizations need to do to take control of today’s opportunities and tomorrow’s decisions.

Is your organization ready to face today’s continually changing HR landscape?

Mega-issues are all around us, from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and its myriad local and national implications to the low interest rate environment and its impact on the pension picture. At the same time, Say on Pay remains in play, with some interesting developments that may have tip-toed into the boardroom in recent years. And, of course—technology. Big Data. Big changes. Big opportunities. Are you adjusting your vision to make the most of it?

Explore these timely topics in the following articles:

  • What employers should know about the Affordable Care Act: The future is now
  • De-risking: Is it right for you?
  • Say on Pay: The shareholder’s voice emerges
  • Big Data for HR—Getting up to speed with predictive analytics

In this issue of HR Innovation, we share our observations on what we’re seeing in the market, and hearing from clients on these challenges, and offer our thoughts on what you can do to take control of today’s opportunities and tomorrow’s decisions.

We hope you find the insight we share helpful as you grapple with the realities of today’s fast-moving world and all of its intricacies and unknowns. One thing’s for certain. Tomorrow will be another day. It will be here soon. And you should be as ready for it as you can be.