Human resources

The Latest in Compensation and Benefits Accounting - Advanced Earnings Per Share (EPS) for equity awards – Beyond stock options webcast- December 2, 2015


During this webcast, PwC specialists will provide their perspectives on emerging accounting, regulatory and market developments within the incentive compensation and employee benefits arena.

Fast Takes on Talent Innovations


Our series of Fast Takes on Talent Innovations examines the critical role each element of the talent ecosystem plays within an organization – and offers PwC’s insights on how today’s business leaders can reinvent their talent strategies to compete and win.

Podcast: Restructuring


Changes in the business landscape can result in personnel restructuring or exiting leased facilities. Listen now to learn more.

Understanding the Global Employee Engagement Landscape - Webcast replay


In this recorded webcast, we explore the findings of our 2015 Global Employee Engagement Landscape study and gain insight into the different profiles of engagement and their linkage to performance, including global and industry trends of employee engagement over the last 3 years, factors that activate engagement, and more.

Hot topics in pension accounting - Webcast replay


This recorded webcast provides a basic overview of pension accounting and discusses current developments, proposed new guidance, and challenges in applying the standard.

M&A talent strategy: Engaging and retaining talent


Achieving success in M&A requires evaluating leaders and teams, understanding what motivates them, and an ability to design incentives, environments, and roles with the goal of retaining the most valuable talent.

M&A Talent Strategy: Finding and retaining top talent


Many organizations today need the type of talent that can generate massive value and disrupt their industry. Finding that talent is quickly becoming an important objective of M&A.

CEO Pay Ratio Rules - Turning Compliance into Insight - Webcast replay


In this webcast we discuss complying with the CEO pay ratio disclosures, applying statistical sampling to derive a median employee, and utilizing the data collected to aid in the development and execution of workforce planning strategies.

2015 Global Equity Incentives Survey


PwC and the National Association of Stock Plan Professionals (NASPP) are pleased to release the 2015 Global Equity Incentives Survey (GEIS) Executive Summary. Our survey is one of the most comprehensive studies available on the design and administration of equity incentive compensation plans for multinational companies.

In brief: SEC adopts rule requiring CEO pay ratio disclosure


The SEC did not object to deconsolidation of a Venezuelan subsidiary due to currency restrictions and lack of control.