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Shifting boundaries: The evolving technology equipment manufacturer landscape


The contract manufacturing marketplace is undergoing a major shift. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are experiencing new strategic outsourcing options and electronic manufacturing services (EMS) are expanding into new services.

Telecom in the Digital Revolution: Straining to move forward


Service providers struggle to balance the opportunities for global expansion with demands for regulation and privacy.

The State of the Digital Revolution


PwC's digital Revolution Summit brought together players in the global service provider ecosystem.

The Six Forces Driving the Internet of Things


Advancements in information and operational technology are driving the next industrial revolution.

Tech Sector Game Changers: A biannual report on new accounting and reporting trends


Our biannual report on new accounting and reporting trends focuses on analysis of the new trends affecting this dynamic and competitive segment of the economy.

Global 100 Software Leaders


Thanks to software, we are not only living in a time of unprecedented innovation, but also one of unprecedented opportunity and uncertainty. This series of articles identifies today's leading software companies and goes on to explore the trends, challenges and opportunities impacting them.

Global Technology Scorecard: Q1 2016


Global Technology Scorecard is a PwC analysis and benchmark of top technology companies. The Scorecard cross-compares company quarterly and annual performance and revenues. We also offer a deeper dive into data through our online charting tool allowing you to get up close to raw statistics and manipulate which companies you'd like to compare and benchmark against.

Cornering the globe: The nine lives of globalization 2.0


This​ release identifies the ways in which global stakeholders can take advantage of the shifting macroeconomic, geopolitical, and industry landscape for long-term growth.

Financial services technology 2020 and beyond: Embracing disruption


The financial services industry has seen drastic technology-led changes over the past few years and customers have had their expectations set by other industries. Read PwC’s report for more on how new technologies are disrupting Financial Services and how to use them to maintain your competitive advantage.

Growing Your Business™ - IT strategy


Two-thirds of private companies either have no IT strategy or one that cannot sustainably support their business strategy. Is your company among them?