Retail & consumer

  • US retail and consumer deals insights: Q1 2015 update

    4/30/15 | Transaction services

    Consumer sentiment continued its upward trend in the first quarter of 2015, reaching a ten-year peak due to more favorable prospects for the domestic economy, including gains in employment and incomes, as well as declines in gas prices.

  • An Appetite for M&A: How Food Companies Can Buy and Sell Their Way to Competitive Advantage

    3/24/15 | Advisory services

    Faced with new and challenging market forces, food companies are changing their strategic approach by focusing on capabilities to drive how they organize and operate their businesses. For winning companies, this focus on capabilities is informing their growth path, including their approach mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures.

  • US Total Retail Survey 2015 - Retailers and the Age of Disruption

    2/10/15 | Retail & consumer

    PwC’s Global Retail and Consumer practice, in conjunction with the International Survey Unit (ISU), administered a global survey to understand and compare consumer shopping behaviors and the use of different retail channels across 19 territories.

  • Empower loss prevention with strategic data analytics

    2/9/15 | Risk Assurance

    Retailers are realizing that the strategic management of risk and the reduction of shrink can have substantial impact on both profitability and customer satisfaction. Savvy retailers are using data analytics to add value to their loss prevention and risk management programs. This paper outlines key ways retailers are building successful enterprise-wide loss prevention programs that apply data and analytics.

  • US retail and consumer deals insights: 2014 year in review and 2015 outlook

    2/5/15 | Transaction services

    US retail and consumer (R&C) total transaction value for 2014 hit a five-year high and surpassed the $100 billion mark for the second year in a row.

  • Business Recovery Services industry insights – Retail

    12/10/14 | Transaction services

    For many companies in the retail industry—a sector of the U.S. economy already facing significant uncertainty and growing distress—the holiday shopping season is causing anxiety.

  • Are you prepared to protect your brand? Enhance your product recall process

    12/9/14 | Risk Assurance

    Recalls can have a devastating impact on the operations and brands of retail and consumer companies. But companies that manage the recall process effectively can transform a potential crisis into a business advantage.

  • Retail & Consumer: 2014 SEC comment letter trends

    12/4/14 | Retail & consumer

    This publication provides an analysis of SEC comment letters issued to registrants across the Retail and Consumer industry. Business challenges, changes, and opportunities, together with ongoing regulatory developments in the financial reporting environment, underscore the need for continued focus on high quality and transparent financial reporting. Understanding where the SEC staff focuses their review is an important consideration in the year-end reporting process.

  • US retail and consumer deals insights: Q3 2014 update

    11/4/14 | Transaction services

    Eleven mega deals drove significant deal activity in Q3-2014, positioning the R&C deals market to outperform last year's strong performance. Retail sales and economic trends continue to improve, leading to higher levels of consumer confidence as we head into the holiday season. IPO activity slowed in the third quarter of 2014 in terms of both volume and value after strong performance in the second quarter of 2014 with only two IPOs in Q3-2014. However, the pipeline looks stronger for the fourth quarter.

  • Consumer Intelligence Series - The Wearable Future

    10/21/14 | Entertainment & media

    The Wearable Future, which looks at some of the strengths and opportunities for wearable tech—and the weaknesses and challenges that enterprising businesses must successfully navigate.

  • Retail & Consumer Knowledge Brief: Technical and Quality Newsletter (September 2014)

    9/18/14 | Retail & consumer

    What are the technical and reporting issues impacting retail and consumer products companies? PwC's Retail & Consumer KnowledgeBrief provides insights and summaries on two standards recently issued by the FASB, considerations and insights on the SEC’s continued focus on segment reporting, and more.

  • Retail & Consumer Insights: 2014 Financial Benchmarking

    8/26/14 | Retail & consumer

    What impact did the economy have on the financial results of retailers and consumer packaged goods companies? This report from PwC's Retail and Consumer Insights series provides financial benchmarks and discusses company strategies on operational efficiency, human capital, health and wellness, innovation, and brand management.

  • Fighting a growing threat: Retail and consumer goods sector analysis of PwC’s 2014 Global Economic Crime Survey

    8/12/14 | Retail & consumer

    Retail and consumer goods companies are experiencing greater levels of economic crime. Nearly half of respondents say their company has experienced this type of event in the last two years. By far the most commonly reported type of economic crime for the sector is asset misappropriation, while other common types of fraud included bribery and corruption, accounting fraud and cybercrime.

  • Webcast
    Revenue Recognition Webcast & Industry Supplement - Retail & Consumer - July 24, 2014

    7/10/14 | Retail & consumer

    Join us for an expanded discussion on the specific impacts the new revenue recognition standard will have on Retail & Consumer Companies and download our R&C Industry Supplement.

  • The valuation impact caused by changing times: Why economic obsolescence matters for retail companies

    6/25/14 | Assurance services

    Economic obsolescence can become a significant issue when a company has or is acquiring assets – such as store or restaurant locations – that generate separate identifiable streams of cash flows. This publication discusses factors that typically cause economic obsolescence and the potential impact, including illustrative examples and case studies.

  • In depth: Revenue standard is final – A comprehensive look at the new model (Retail & consumer industry supplement) (revised September 8, 2014*)

    6/18/14 | Assurance services

    The FASB and IASB have issued their long-awaited converged standard on revenue recognition -- how will you be affected? This industry-specific supplement to our In depth highlights some of the areas that could create the most significant challenges for retail and consumer entities as they transition to the new standard.

  • How grocers can get ahead for the future

    6/11/14 | Retail & consumer

    What customers want in tomorrow’s grocer isn’t all that different from what they want today. Based on the more than 1,000 customers we surveyed, the grocery industry’s future is centered around a simple yet targeted shopping experience that’s tailored to their needs. And while technology will play a more important role than it has historically, it will be just one component of connecting with clients. The grocery shoppers of tomorrow will want a shopping experience that’s tailored to their needs with custom coupons, convenience, and a selection of organic and ethnic foods, according to our new survey.

  • 2014 Conflict minerals filing review - Early insights from some of the largest companies

    6/10/14 | Assurance services

    Our benchmarking of some of the largest companies' conflict minerals filings provides insight into industry trends. We looked at 10 filings for each of the following industries: Aerospace & defense, Automotive, Industrial products, Retail, and Technology.

  • US retail and consumer deals insights: Q1 2014 update

    5/14/14 | Transaction services

    Deal activity is off to a good start led by numerous large deals, and confirms our positive outlook for 2014. Core retail trade sales improved in March which may give some rise in optimism for the remainder of the year after a slow start. IPO activity moderates in the first quarter after coming off a strong performance in 2013. However, the R&C pipeline is the strongest the sector has seen in recent years.

  • Telecommunications and data privacy policies will drive opportunities in online retailing

    4/24/14 | Retail & consumer

    This PwC paper focuses on telecommunications and data privacy issues and how those may affect global companies with online retailing operations in emerging markets.

  • Retail & Consumer KnowledgeBrief: Technical and Quality Newsletter

    10/1/13 | Retail & consumer

    What are the technical and reporting issues impacting retail and consumer products companies? PwC's Retail & Consumer KnowledgeBrief provides insights and summaries on restructuring comment letter trends and disclosure reminders, data protection, conflict minerals, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and more.

  • Lease accounting in retail and consumer products: Transformational change

    6/25/13 | Retail & consumer

    The changes to lease accounting proposed by the FASB and IASB will bring all leases onto the balance sheet and change income statement recognition, business processes, systems, and controls. Retail and consumer companies should prepare for the upcoming business process changes.