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Retail and Consumer 2016 Holiday Outlook


It’s the most digital time of the year

Retail & consumer worlds express: Location, location, location


While the e-commerce revolution may mean fewer stores, real estate for distribution and fulfillment has never been in higher demand.

Retail and Consumer Insights: 2016 Financial Benchmarking and Industry Trends


Changing consumer attitudes, behaviors, and preferences—compounded by sweeping changes in technology—have necessitated dramatic change in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry over the past decade. The ongoing challenge to maintain market share is exacerbated by new entrants with innovative products and packaging—as well as a keener response to consumer concerns around issues that ranges from artificial ingredients to social responsibility.

September 2016 Roundup - Recent state and local tax developments affecting retailers


September 2016 Roundup - Recent state and local tax developments affecting retailers.

FASB Stock Compensation Accounting Amendments (ASU 2016-09) Summary of early adopters - Updated August 2016


This study captures the trends of 160 companies identified as early-adopters of the new FASB issued Accounting Standards Update (ASU) 2016-09, Improvements to Employee Share-Based Payment Accounting (the Amendments).

US retail and consumer deals insights: Q2 2016 update


Retail and consumer deal volume continued its positive trajectory, reaching its highest level in the past four quarters.

Retail & Consumer Sector KnowledgeShare: Industry Topics for R&C Companies


An annual companion to our KnowledgeBrief newsletter with a focus on market and reporting issues relevant for Retail and Consumer companies.

Taking a break: Megadeals and imposed divestitures in the Retail and Consumer sector


Megadeals in the R&C sector have brought increased regulatory scrutiny resulting in many companies divesting assets. Learn about operational considerations that can help minimize complexity and accelerate the transition timeline.

In depth: Retail and consumer industry supplement to leasing standard


This supplement to our In depth on leases highlights areas that could create challenges for retail & consumer companies.

2016 US Retail & Consumer Total Retail Survey


In a world where mercurial shoppers are easily bored and yesterday’s new invention is already obsolete, retailers are racing to stay relevant with consumers. Explore PwC’s US Total Retail 2016 survey findings to uncover how retailers can compete in the race for relevance.