Power & utilities

FERC Enforcement Report 2015 Highlights


This brief contains highlights from FERC’s 2015 Enforcement Report, including a deeper dive into the accounting and reporting findings within the Division of Audits and Accounting section.

Power and Utilities: 2015 SEC comment letter trends


PwC’s Power and Utilities Industry Group has developed this publication to assist management teams in understanding some of the SEC’s current focus areas as well as other financial reporting hot topics.

North American Power Deals: Q3 2015 mergers & acquisitions report


This quarter, we saw a significant increase in value and volume as the cost of capital remained low and as strategic investors announced deals supporting current growth objectives and future capital deployment opportunities.

In depth: Revenue standard is final – A comprehensive look at the new model (Power and Utilities industry supplement)


The FASB and IASB have issued their long-awaited converged standard on revenue recognition. How will you be affected? This industry-specific supplement to our In depth publication highlights some of the areas that could create the most significant challenges for power and utilities entities as they transition to the new revenue standard.

Strategic Assets: Responsive and Efficient Utility Logistics Operations


Looking at the “heart” of supply chain can help organizations plug-into a responsive and efficient utility logistics operation.

FERC Enforcement Report 2014 Highlights


In late 2014, FERC's Office of Enforcement (Enforcement) published its annual report summarizing enforcement activities, and detailing the undertakings of the Division of Investigations (DOI), Division of Audits and Accounting (DAA), Division of Energy Market Oversight (Market Oversight) and the Division of Analytics and Surveillance (DAS). PwC's brief highlights selective compliance and audit findings contained within FERC's 2014 Enforcement Report.

North American power deals: Q4 2014 mergers & acquisitions report


The number of deals valued at more than $50 million came in at 22, up from the 14 deals from a year ago. The total value of the deals grew by 68%, and the average value grew by 7%.

Asset management: Powering your journey to success


More than 20 senior power and utilities (P&U) executives and experts from the US and Canada joined us in May 2014 in Chicago to discuss the challenges they’re facing managing their physical asset portfolios and operations. The group came together at a roundtable to share their approaches to Enterprise Asset Management and to discuss leading practices, challenges and lessons learned Participants were drawn from across the gas and electricity sectors, including generation, storage, transmission, and distribution.

Power and Utilities Alert 2014-4: Accounting for rate-regulated activities under IFRS


The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) issued International Financial Reporting Standard 14, Regulatory Deferral Accounts (IFRS 14), an interim standard on the accounting for certain balances that arise from rate-regulated activities.

Spotlight on accounting for power and utilities companies for 2014


This document highlights technical accounting and financial reporting topics that are central to the industry and should be on the minds of chief accounting officers and controllers as they establish their plans for 2014.