Insurance Banana Skins 2013

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07/11/2013 by Insurance
Insurance Banana Skins 2013

At a glance

Insurance Banana Skins 2013 is piece of research conducted by PwC in association with the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation (CSFI), an independent think tank. It's a survey of insurers and seeks out their views on current risk and future trends.

What risks do insurers worldwide face in the current climate and how are they prioritizing them?

PwC's biennial survey Insurance Banana Skins examines risks facing the industry, and includes insights from over 660 insurers, regulators and close observers of the industry across 54 countries. This survey has been produced with the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation (CSFI) and is aimed at senior executives in the insurance.


  • Regulation is once again the number one risk
  • Fragile economic environment and subdued investment performance also remain high on the list of concerns
  • Guaranteed products, a new entrant, but straight in at number 6
  • There’s a risk that by solely focusing on short-term issues insurers could miss the even more far-reaching threats and opportunities coming up over the horizon

Top risks:

  1. Regulation (maintains its 2011 position as the number one risk)
  2. Investment performance (from 4th position in 2011)
  3. Macro-economic trends (maintains its 4th 2011 position)
  4. Business practices (a big jump up from its 18th position in 2011)
  5. Natural catastrophes (maintains its 5th 2011 position)