From solos to symphony: How insurers can harmonize customer communications


Customers today are overwhelmed with irrelevant and inconsistent messages from their insurance carriers. Insurers should develop a customer-centric communications strategy that supports consistency, reuse, and personalization of content.

IASB/FASB Insurance Contracts Project - Meeting summaries


Insurers currently use a variety of different and largely inconsistent local approaches to measure the value of insurance contracts within their statutory financial statements. This diversity makes it difficult to compare companies and may fail to reflect the true economic value of insurance business, which can put insurers at a considerable disadvantage when competing for capital.

The quarter close: Directors edition Q3 2015


This quarterly publication is designed to keep directors informed about the latest accounting and financial reporting issues.

Valuation multiples and purchase allocation trends


What are the latest comparable statistics for mergers and acquisitions and active trades in the financial services industry? Check out PwC's quarterly valuation summaries for the Banking, Insurance and Asset Management sectors. Insights include: trends in market multiples, related transactions, and transaction benchmarking analysis.

In depth: Revenue standard is final – A comprehensive look at the new model (Insurance intermediary industry supplement)


The FASB and IASB have issued their long-awaited converged standard on revenue recognition. How will you be affected? This industry-specific supplement to our In depth publication highlights some of the areas that could create the most significant challenges for insurance intermediary as they transition to the new revenue standard.

In depth: FASB issues enhanced disclosure guidance for insurer claim liabilities


Enhanced insurance contract disclosures may create new and different reporting of claim data for insurers.

Not a game of chance: The case for stronger collateral management


Everyone in the capital markets these days is rethinking collateral management. The sell side, the buy side, market utilities, and regulators all want to make the most of it as they strive to reduce risk and boost liquidity. The rewards are significant, but so are the costs and risks. Financial institutions need a strategic approach that optimizes capital, integrates operations, and is enabled by straight-through processing technologies.

No agent left behind: How insurers can rally support for tech upgrades


Insurers are upgrading their technology to support more complex products, lower operating costs, and get closer to their customers. But they can do more harm than good when they make changes that alienate their independent agents. We’ve identified five steps that can help insurers engage agents early and create a transition plan that meets agents’ needs—converting these important stakeholders into enthusiastic advocates.

The quarter close: Directors edition Q1 2015


This quarterly publication is designed to keep directors informed about the latest accounting and financial reporting issues.

Top Insurance Industry Issues in 2015


The insurance industry is facing once-in-a-generation disruption. Top Insurance Industry Issues in 2015 discusses the challenges and opportunities confronting insurers, and provides insight on how to adapt to change.