Health industries

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Healthcare, higher education, and nonprofit series: Year end review and 2017 outlook


In this webcast our tax specialists will discuss key areas impacting healthcare providers including academic medical centers, universities, and other tax-exempt organizations.

Pharmaceutical and life sciences tax quarterly


In this webcast, our specialists provide legislative and year-end tax accounting updates.

Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences webcast: The True Cost of Transparency


During this webcast, our team of subject matter specialists will discuss the accelerating global transparency landscape within the global life sciences industry.

Up in the air: After the US election, what’s next for financial services?


The election outcome may have a significant impact on regulation in financial services across the US and globally.

Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences: 2016 SEC comment letter trends


We provide a comprehensive analysis of recent SEC staff comments and disclosures to assist you in understanding the key trends relevant to companies in the pharmaceutical and life sciences sector.

Election results may lead to tax changes


President-elect Trump’s tax plan includes proposals that, if enacted, could impact the private equity (PE) industry. His proposals would meaningfully reduce federal income tax rates for both individual and business taxpayers.

Trends in HR Effectiveness


November 2016 Our Saratoga Human Capital Effectiveness Report findings indicate that HR is currently falling short in its efforts to drive value amid today's significant global change—despite its ability to stay on budget.

Health industries: 2016 SEC comment letter trends


Our analysis of comments released by the SEC staff to registrants in various subsectors, including, hospitals, nursing & personal care facilities, skilled nursing facilities, medical laboratories, home health care services, and more.

2016 SEC comment letter trends


We compiled and analyzed the SEC staff’s comment letters issued to registrants across different sectors and provided highlights about hot topics and sample comments.

Raising the Bar - The FCC’s new Broadband Privacy Rules


This release of "3things you need to know" discusses the FCC’s approval of the Broadband Privacy Order, its implications for telecommunication companies, and the potential impact of a new Republican Administration on FCC enforcement.