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Financial asset impairment: Overview of the FASB’s new guidance webcast - July 25, 2016


During this webcast we will discuss various aspects of the new standard, including the current expected credit loss model (CECL), and new guidance on debt investments, purchased credit-impaired assets, troubled debt restructurings, and beneficial interests.

ETFs: A roadmap to growth


The global ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) industry continues to experience rapid change, presenting both opportunities and challenges.

Banking & Capital Markets Deals Insights Q2 2016 Update


The Q2 2016 continued the trend of a slowdown in US Banking & Capital Markets deals. Deal volumes decreased as well as deal values. Read our full report to learn more.

10Minutes on hedge fund activism


No company is safe from hedge fund activism. Activists have massive assets under management, and they target companies of all sizes, in all industries. What can you do to get ahead of an activist situation?

SEC's business continuity plan proposed rule


Five key points from the SEC's business continuity plan proposed rule for investment advisers.

Consolidated Audit Trail: The CAT’s out of the bag


The Consolidated Audit Trail database will track all equities and options traded in the US.

To share or not to share: The single- vs. multi-dealer platform choice


As capital markets evolve, investment banks are rethinking their client-facing platform strategies.

US Real Estate Insights - Spring 2016


This edition highlights the theme of disruption in the real estate markets, as well as the evolution of the housing market in response to the changing economic and demographic environment.

2016 lease accounting survey


PwC and CBRE surveyed executives from organizations’ accounting, finance and real estate functions about actions they are considering to prepare for the new standards. Key findings from the survey, summarized here, reveal the challenges ahead and steps companies are taking now.

Brexit: Five key points


Five key points from the UK voters' decision to exit the EU.