Financial services

Assessing the effectiveness of your Compliance Testing Program webcast - December 8, 2015


During this webcast, we will share the results of the 2015 Compliance Testing Survey and our perspectives on what financial institutions can be doing to keep pace with the evolving risk and regulatory compliance landscape.

SEC comment letter trends webcasts: Commercial and industrial companies (Dec. 1, 2015) or Financial services (Dec. 2, 2015)


Each 90-minute SEC comment letter trends webcast will provide you with insights and analysis of recent SEC comment letter trends at an industry level. One webcast discusses trends impacting Commercial and industrial companies sectors and the other is focused on Financial services industries.

Bank culture: It's about more than bad apples


Organizational change won’t be easy, but regulators from around the world expect it.

Fed’s finalized liquidity reporting requirements


Ten key points from the Fed’s finalized liquidity reporting requirements.

Be Your Own Activist Investor


Many companies today are threatened by activist investors. Before they start to circle your company, apply their best practices. Here are the top 10 pieces of advice for taking control of your cost base -- not to cut back, but to build a more resilient and capable organization.

US Real Estate Insights: Fall 2015


This issue includes articles that cover how technology is disrupting the real estate landscape, as well as trends that are driving public to private REIT transactions.

In brief: SEC provides a path for securities-based crowdfunding


New SEC rules allow startups and other small businesses to raise capital through crowdfunding, usually via the internet.

Derivatives: Clear road ahead for uncleared margin


US banking regulators' final rule completes a four year rulemaking process.

Strategic Agile Reporting: Achieving an industrial-strength reporting platform for alternative asset managers


This paper aims to address the trends, challenges, and risks in the current wave of alternative asset management reporting demands.

Cyber: Global data transfer in disarray


The EU's invalidation of "Safe Harbor" poses significant risk to US banks.