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  • Webcast
    Entertainment & Media - Revenue Recognition Webcast Replay & Industry Supplement - June 16, 2014

    6/10/14 | Entertainment & media

    As part of our webcast series on the new Revenue Recognition standard, we invite you to join us for an expanded discussion on the specific impacts the new standard will have on the Entertainment & Media sector. While the new standard will impact companies broadly, there are particular implications to Entertainment & Media companies that deserve focus as companies plan for implementation.

  • Spectrum auction offers new opportunities for TV broadcasters

    5/15/14 | Entertainment & media

    The planned 2015 FCC auction of spectrum currently used for television broadcast across the United States presents a potential opportunity for broadcasters to monetize a valuable asset – their wireless spectrum – in a new way. Despite this opportunity, multiple concerns surrounding the auction exist including the costs, potential for business disruption, efficiency and effectiveness of such a broad initiative, and the potential impact to channel brand recognition.

  • US Entertainment Media and Communications deal insights: Q1 2014

    5/14/14 | Transaction services

    The entertainment, media and communications (EMC) deal market is off to a strong start with a few high dollar deals announced in the first quarter. We cover the landscape of deals including private equity and cross-border deals, and dive deep into the emergence of Multi-Channel Networks (MCN) as the new hot property in the digital video space. We recap recent deal activity in the most active sectors, including: Broadcasting, Communications, Internet Related/Information Services, Recreation & Leisure and Film/Content.

  • Digital disruptor: How Bitcoin is driving innovation in entertainment, media and communications

    2/18/14 | Entertainment & media

    Digital Disruptor: Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer currency and has gained traction recently. PwC's report discussing the evolution and impact of Bitcoin, and its adoption in sectors such as entertainment, media video games, casino gaming, travel & tourism, telecom and internet.

  • US Entertainment Media and Communications deal insights: 2013 year end update

    2/18/14 | Entertainment & media

    The entertainment, media and communications (EMC) deal market is gaining momentum once again and companies face greater competition for attractive acquisitions. We look at deal drivers and the deal outlook for 2014 in the most active sectors, including: Broadcasting, Communications, Advertising & Marketing, Publishing, Recreation & Leisure and Film/Content.

  • Outlook for the sports market in North America through 2017

    1/21/14 | Entertainment & media

    PwC’s Sports Outlook focuses on recent results and potential opportunities and challenges to future industry growth. This special edition for North America provides revenue projections over five years through 2017 within four key segments of the sports market.

  • Game Changer: A new kind of value chain for entertainment and media companies

    1/21/14 | Entertainment & media

    With digital content projected to account for 87 percent of growth in spending in the entertainment and media (E&M) industry over the next five years, efficiently producing and managing such content is top of mind for industry players.

  • Entertainment, media & communications: 2013 SEC comment letter trends

    1/9/14 | Entertainment & media

    Highlights of SEC comment letters issued to companies in the entertainment, media & communications sector.

  • Entertainment, media and communications deal insights

    11/21/13 | Entertainment & media

    Internet, Communications and Publishing sub-sectors saw increased deal activity, contributing to the 9% growth in announced deals for the 3 quarters ended 2013 versus prior year. In addition to deal trends for the year to date, a deeper look at one sub-sector -- telecom operations -- and the deal opportunities abounding as telecom companies look to improve network operations and spectrum efficiency.

  • Shifting talent across borders? Tax and policy challenges can abound

    11/6/13 | International assignment services

    In the entertainment and media industry, the business necessity is that talent must be flexible and mobile, crossing borders seamlessly to get the job done. This article is intended to provide a non-exhaustive, broad summary of only some of the many tax and related policy challenges that may arise.

  • Consumer intelligence series: Video content consumption

    9/26/13 | Entertainment & media

    Why do consumers prefer certain video package features over others? How are they discovering new shows, and consuming it, and on what devices? This edition of the Consumer Intelligence Series reveals that while traditional subscriptions still dominate, content discovery happens mostly online.