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United States: Tax reform proposals would affect energy industry


United States: Tax reform proposals would affect energy industry

FERC enforcement report 2016 highlights


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission recently released its annual report detailing FERC’s enforcement activities in 2016. To help you, we’ve highlighted some of the top issues triggering investigations and audits.

Corporate tax reform proposals for power and utility companies


A Trump Administration and new Congress represent both opportunities and challenges for the business community. Tax reform proposals call for a reduction in the corporate income tax rate from the current 35% to as low as 15%. While there are other proposed changes to the tax law being considered, the implications of comprehensive tax reform and impacts to the power and utility sector is discussed in this brief.

Energy industry supplement to leasing standard


This supplement to our In depth on leases highlights areas that could create challenges for energy companies.

Post-election analysis: How would President-elect Donald J. Trump's tax proposals affect the energy sector?


In this recorded webcast, we discuss President-elect Donald J. Trump's tax plan and how his proposals may impact the energy sector.

SEC Comment Letter trends in the energy sector


This webcast is designed to assist companies in the energy sector better understand recent SEC focus areas and hot topics.

Energy & Mining: 2016 SEC comment letter and disclosure trends


We have analyzed SEC staff comment letters issued to registrants across the entire energy and mining spectrum, including the upstream, midstream, downstream, and oilfield services subsectors.

Power and Utilities: 2016 SEC comment letter trends


PwC’s Power and Utilities Industry Group has developed this publication to assist management teams in understanding some of the SEC’s current focus areas as well as other financial reporting hot topics.

Digitizing the oil & gas cash recovery cycle: An integrated approach


Putting more money in your oil & gas company’s pocket through improved operational technology, processes, and cultural change

Not your father's oil and gas business: Reshaping the future with upstream digitization


This report examines how digitization can benefit the upstream sector and what companies can do to get around the obstacles to change.