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Top financial services industry issues


Our annual discussion of the themes that will define the year ahead. What can you do now to prepare for success in 2017?

Brexit: How to respond in the face of uncertainty?


Brexit has shaken up markets and companies. How do you respond in the face of uncertainty?

Up in the air: After the US election, what’s next for financial services?


The election outcome may have a significant impact on regulation in financial services across the US and globally.

Here today, gone tomorrow: Contingent workers in financial services


Financial institutions should be rigorous in managing contingent workers. The right strategy can mitigate future risks.

PwC responds to proposed change to premium amortization on callable debt


Read PwC’s response to the FASB proposal to amend the amortization period for premiums on callable debt securities.

Making change: Learning from major regulatory-driven bank transformations


Banks preparing for the next round of change efforts should consider lessons learned from previous change programs.

Loans and investments - 2016 edition


PwC’s comprehensive guide to accounting for loans and investments.

In depth: AICPA National Conference on Banks and Savings Institutions - Highlights


The AICPA Conference on Banking and Savings Institutions provided insights into current hot topics in the industry.

Counterparty credit limits: do you know where your exposures are?


The Fed is likely to finalize its single counterparty credit limits (SCCL) rule this year.

Under control: Pooling control functions talent in financial services


Talent shortages and increased regulatory scrutiny create challenges for financial institutions’ control functions.