Banking & capital markets

Accounting Standards Update 2016-05, Effect of Derivative Contract Novations on Existing Hedge Accounting Relationships


This issue of financial markets insights explores novations and why they happen, what is changing under ASU 2016-05, and next steps for businesses.

Bank fraud: Old defenses won’t stop new threats


Ten key steps for preventing fraud attacks.

Current state of the auto finance industry


In this paper, we focus solely on the US results of our 2016 International Automotive Lending & Leasing survey and provide relevant insight to not only lenders, but also manufacturers and dealers.

Customers: What will they need tomorrow?


Financial institutions face a paradox: satisfy current customers or future ones?

Devil in the data: How banks can improve data management


As information demands grow, banks need improved data management. Both risk and finance will play a critical role.

Foreign Banks: Resolution plans meet IHCs


Foreign firms must incorporate IHCs into their 2016 resolution plans.

2015 Annual US Capital Markets Watch


2015 Annual US Capital Markets Watch: Analysis and trends

US banking deals insights - 2015 update and outlook for 2016


In 2015, deal values greater than $1 billion made up 76% of all deal value, marking the return of large deals to pre-Financial Crisis levels. Deals in 2015 raised approximately $1 billion from 12 IPOs, down 93% in value from 2014.

The future of wholesale funding markets


This paper discusses the future of Repo markets post Tri-party reform using the views of market participants (via interviews and a survey) to draw conclusions: regulation’s effect, the Fed’s continued involvement and the development of cleared repo.

A Strategist's Guide to Blockchain


The distributed ledger technology that started with bitcoin is rapidly becoming a crowdsourced system for verifying transactions of all types. Could it replace central banks?