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Automotive M&A Deals Insights - First half of 2016


Auto M&A deal value for the first half of 2016 was down 37%, off the pace experienced in 2015. However, with 257 deals, volume was only down 7%.

Current state of the auto finance industry


In this paper, we focus solely on the US results of our 2016 International Automotive Lending & Leasing survey and provide relevant insight to not only lenders, but also manufacturers and dealers.

Are leases embedded in your contracts?


FASB’s new leasing guidance requires lessees to record leases embedded in other arrangements on their balance sheets.

Global Automotive Tax Guide: 2015 edition


The level of taxes and duties raised around the use of a car can help determine local demand. PwC’s Global Automotive Tax Guide for 2015 provides data and tax implications relating to the use of a car in 44 markets around the world.

Converging Megatrends—shaking up automotive finance: How disruptions to the status quo are challenging today’s lenders and dealers


A deeper dive into how accelerating urbanization, demographic shifts, and technological breakthroughs (Megatrends) are impacting, both individually and collectively, the automotive finance industry.

Automotive: 2015 SEC comment letter trends


Take a closer look at the latest automotive SEC comment letters and trends to prepare your end of year financial reports and high quality annual reports. The topic areas summarized in this publication are based on comment letters issued by the SEC staff to automotive companies and posted on the SEC’s EDGAR website from October 1, 2014 to September 30, 2015.

Driving Value: 2015 Midyear Automotive M&A Insights


Automotive M&A deal volume for the first half of 2015 was up ten percent, further extending gains made in the first half of 2014.

Re-inventing the wheel: Scenarios for the transformation of the automotive industry


Explore scenarios for the transformation of the automotive industry in PwC's Re-inventing the wheel.

Automotive industry valuation insights


See highlights from PwC's Transaction Services valuation summary for the Automotive industry, which include trends in market multiples, related transaction, and transaction benchmarking analysis summarizing the average allocation of intangible assets and goodwill observed.

Assessing tax: 2015 tax rate benchmarking study for industrial products and automotive sectors


Tax rate benchmarking can be an enormously valuable tool for tax executives determined to generate greater value from their tax departments. Assessing tax 2015 not only provides peer group comparisons for improvement in planning and shaping the tax function, it helps you to gain meaningful insight into sector trends to support business growth.